Microsoft Opens Its 14th Store In USA At Tysons Corner, Virginia

Today Microsoft opened its 14th brick & mortar store at Tysons Corner Center, Virginia, USA. As usual there was lots of crowd gathered during the opening of the store this morning. The part of the crowd was due to the special concert by Joe Jonas Microsoft has organised for tomorrow and it was announced that the first hundred visitors to the store today will get premium tickets to the concert. Anyway, good to see a huge gathering in the Thursday morning ! !

  • Anonymous

    The only crowd I see is the crowd of employees.

  • Anonymous

    I was there, it was crowded without a doubt. That picture was taken as soon as the curtain was drawn and before the line was allowed to filter in. They would only let groups at a time go in because there were way too many to go in at once.
    I don’t know any numbers but I can say that I was there for the first hour and there were LOTS of sales happening. Computers, consoles, accessories, all flying out of the door.
    MS donated nearly 1 million to local organizations before they cut the ribbon and I’d be willing to be they made that back + some today.

  • Paul Renda

    This is all to beautiful and exciting! BUT WHEN IS LONDON GETTING ITS STORE??? :-)