Microsoft Adds E-mail “Archive” Option

Last week Microsoft announced that over 25 million Hotmail users have upgraded to the new experience. Along with the announcement, they also announced few new features that will come to users soon. One such feature is the new Archive button that will allow you to archive emails.

This is a new feature in rolling out now and is designed to make it super easy to archive email into whatever folder you want or have create an Archive folder for you. All you need to do is click on any message and then click the “Archive” button at the top (alternatively you can right-click on a message and choose “Archive” too). I like a clean inbox so whenever I receive an email I want to keep, I just archive it! Way better than having to manually drag-and-drop an email into a folder.

Read more about the features in that will allow you to organize the email from the link below.

Source: Windows Team blog


  • Big D

    Best, FREE e-mail service on the net!

  • VHMP01

    Does “designed to make it super easy to archive email into whatever folder you want” mean local drive folders?

    • KCMatt

      I wondered the same thing. Just checked it out for myself and No. It is just a one-click at the top of a message to move it out of Inbox and into another folder within

      • VHMP01

        Its a shame, anyway thanks!

  • Windows 8

    I am loving this new service and its experience, but I have circulated and used my old Hotmail and Live ids to much of my circles and ( although have changed to the new interface ) I would love to see my address more for al things

  • Evil Els

    Rather useless feature.
    What’s with the calendar? Colored categories? Follow up functionality?
    Why does the search can’t crawl “ALL” Folders?

    There is much more important stuff to do than archiving.

  • Sean O’Leary

    Email inboxes can become cluttered quite quickly. This is a great feature in order to help keep email more organized for personal use or for business.