Microsoft: Over Billion Office Documents On SkyDrive, New Document Sharing Feature Announced

Office SkyDrive Sharing

Microsoft today announced that there are over billion documents stored on SkyDrive and as Office 365 Home Premium got released few days back, you can expect the number to grow up fast. Microsoft also announced that they are making it even easier for people to share and edit documents in the Office Web Apps by not requiring them to sign in with their Microsoft account.

Now, you can either choose to share the document to someone without requiring them to sign-in or useĀ “Require user to sign-in” check box for the other case. This is a neat feature that will pull in more users to the service.

Source: Windows blog

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  • PoohGQ

    Skydrive has become my defacto “save to” location. It’s really cool when using a MS Suface. I have my 25GB box. I hope MS will add more free space for customers of the Surface RT/Pro.
    I’ve had my 25GB storage since 2006 and had little use of it until Office 2010. Now with Office 2013 it’s even more useful. I still wonder what all the fuss about Surface RT is all about..It is actually 1000% more productive than an iPad or any Android tablet out there and much more portable than a full fledged laptop..