Microsoft Partners With Agari To Kill E-mail Phishing

Agari is a startup that is working on providing global brands with the tools needed to proactively guard brand reputation, eliminate email threats, protect customers, and prevent the loss of sensitive data. Generally they work to prevent phishing emails from internet. They get metadata from messages of all major email service providers including Microsoft Hotmail and indicate phishing attacks to its partners.

From CNET,

“Facebook can go into the Agari console and see charts and graphs of all the activity going on in their e-mail channel (on their domains and third-party solutions) and see when an attack is going on in a bar chart of spam hitting Yahoo,” for instance, Daniel Raskin, vice president of marketing for Agari, told CNET in an interview. “They receive a real-time alert and they can construct a policy to push out to carriers (that says) when you see this thing happening don’t deliver it, reject it.”

Its good to see a startup uniting all major email service providers like Microsoft Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Aol for a good cause.

Source: CNET

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