Microsoft Partners With BesTV To Create Entertainment Venture In China

It seems Microsoft has no plans to bring its Xbox One console to China anytime soon. Shanghai media company BesTV New Media Co., Ltd, revealed that it has plans for an entertainment development venture with Microsoft. BesTV will  hold a 51 percent share and Microsoft will hold 49 percent in the joint venture, initially planned to be known as E-Home Entertainment Development.

The joint venture will develop games and related services, said BesTV.

The new company’s board chairman will be chosen by BesTV and the chief executive officer by Microsoft.

The total investment of both sides will reach 237 million U.S. dollars.

The joint venture is expected to be registered in the newly established pilot free trade zone in Shanghai.

We are yet to get a clear information on what Microsoft has exactly planned with this new venture in the Chinese market. May be a China version of Xbox One?

Source: xinhuanet

  • Yuan Taizong

    This is actually great news, this means that Microsoft has a deeper infiltration in the T.V. world, I’m still waiting for an Xbox TV app to stream live T.V. to all your Windows devices from Xbox One via V.C.R./TiVo integration on all services via the cloud, even if T.V. channels would have to deliver this themselves.