Microsoft Partners With Vyclone To Bring Video Editing Using A Browser And HTML5

Microsoft today revealed their partnership with social video editing start-up, Vyclone. Vyclone’s mobile app allows users to co-create, sync, and edit multiple views of a single shared moment – like a sporting event, or birthday. Working with Microsoft, Vyclone has today released a new experience called Vyclone web editor using which users can now edit and share crowd sourced video to the web using just a browser and HTML5.

With modern browser like Internet Explorer 10, Vyclone web editor even supports touch input.

Does this sound familiar? You go to a concert and there is a sea of phones in the air, are as common as lighters once were. It’s human nature to want to capture the moment and share it with the world. But Vyclone takes that one step further. With Vyclone, users can access everyone else’s video to make their own director’s cut from the best views at the concert – instead of one point of view, videos can showcase the same event from multiple points of view.

What makes this new web experience unique is the collaborative approach Vyclone has taken to crowd sourcing video. The process is simple—once video is recorded from an individual’s phone, it can be shared to the cloud, where it’s available to everyone else who was at that event. (Users can also make video footage private as well.) Here’s where it gets really fun—once the video is uploaded, users can remix their content, using all of the footage uploaded by other users at the concert. With endless possibilities for storytelling and complete artistic control, users mash up scenes to create their ultimate, uniquely personal social video to share as they see fit.

Check it out here.

Source: Windows Team Blog

  • PoohGQ

    This is amazing tech that should make YouTubers happy!!

  • patmore_douglas

    The above is nice. But the above is also MS making its own Windows platforms irrelevant. The main reason MS is having so much trouble in the consumer market, is because it has no exclusive hold on consumer apps. First it was the web, and then mobile apps are now threatening the relevance of Windows ecosystem. MS needs to double down on producing itself, and also encouraging others to do so, best in class consumer apps that are available exclusively, or at least mostly, on the Windows platform. These apps need to be starkly better than what is found on the web and on other platforms.

    I believe MS should create teams of developers / user experience engineers to do things like: significantly improve the Bing apps so that they contain more information than what is available on MS’ web sites; ensure that each story is more richly presented in the app than on the web; ensure that past web based articles are accessible and reformatted to appear the same as new articles, etc. MS needs to do things like re-invent the electronic encyclopedia, and bring immersive cloud based and local interactive elements and services (including collaborative and social) to this type of software. The point of these apps, should be to gravitate people away from the web, and apps on other platforms, to apps the Windows platform.

    MS badly needs to do the above, and put on its back burner, things that will make it appear as being platform agnostic. (This indulgence is putting its Windows platform at risk.) Also MS desperately needs productivity apps on Windows 8, to give the platform credibility among power and ordinary users.

  • carlo

    partner with microsoft, apps for android and iOS, yet no Windows Phone app? nokia pureview cameras would dominate vyclone with their superior video quality. when are we WP users getting this app?