Microsoft Patents Game Controller On Mobile Touch-enabled Devices

Microsoft Xbox Controller on mobile

I recently came across this interesting patent from Microsoft related to gaming on mobile devices. Usually in console gaming, you have controller in your hands with display few meters away. In the case of mobile gaming, you hold both the controller and the display unit on your hands. In this patent, Microsoft is trying to propose a controller system for mobile devices that will be rendered during games. If Microsoft implements it, we can start enjoying on games on mobile devices with standard controller interface as opposed to various types controllers we see in mobile games. Also, this may allow Microsoft to port Xbox games easily to mobile devices. Last year, during annual company meeting, Microsoft demoed Halo game being streamed from internet on a Lumia 520 device.

Patent Abstract:

Various technologies described herein pertain to controlling a game with a mobile touch-enabled device. A thumbstick and a mode selection button can be rendered on a display of the mobile touch-enabled device. The thumbstick can be rendered on a reassignable area of the display and the mode selection button can be rendered on a mode selection area of the display. A touch (e.g., drag) from the mode selection area to the reassignable area can be detected, and an operation in the game can be controlled with the thumbstick represented as being at a depressed height in response to the touch in the reassignable area while the touch is detected without discontinuity of contact from starting the drag. Further, upon detecting discontinuation of the touch, a different operation in the game can be controlled with the thumbstick represented as being at a default height in response to a subsequent touch.

Source: USPTO


  • Bugbog

    This would be nice, can’t wait to see it in action.

  • Jim Cherry

    that’s a lot of pixels eaten by the ui ok on 5+ inch screens but not so much on screens like the 520’s

    • JohnCz

      In all likelihood they will utilize transparency to a degree not to completely obscure game view. Also, I can see several techniques used to intelligently display control overlay elements rather than having them on screen all the time. And finally, regarding size, I think the contols will work fine all the way down to 4″. Being able to hit the touch targets at that screen size will probably be size/age limited. A 12 year old will probably do just fine. But an adult will likely gravitate towards the bigger display. Sounds like an opportunity to sell more premium devices … assuming Microsoft will make a new mobile gaming push.

      • JohnCz

        And of course, a mass produced product like 520 could always get a physical game controller case like what Razer revealed recently for iPhone.

  • wat

    This is at least a year old news