Microsoft planning their own Windows 8 tablet?

METRO_Ballmer-Tablet2There have been many calls for Microsoft to produce their own Windows Phone 7 smartphone, but now Digitimes reports that the company may go down the OEM route with their own, Microsoft-branded Windows 8 tablet.

According to Digitimes Microsoft is “proceeding on a low profile” while still trying to get OEMs on board with Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft is apparently already lining up Taiwanese ODMs and Texas Instruments for the ARM chips the tablet will need, with the targeted delivery date the end of 2012.

The move would be risky, as it would alienate many of Microsoft’s partners.  At the same time these very same partners are already aggressively shipping Android tablets, and a Microsoft tablet may not get much commitment, much like the HP Slate received earlier this year.

Other logistics issues remain, such as distribution deals and marketing, all of which argue against such a plan.  On the other hand if Microsoft did indeed produce their own tablet they would take full responsibility for the designs and features of the project, unlike at present with Windows Phone 7 or PCs in general.

Do our readers think Microsoft should make their own tablet? Let us know below.

  • Paul Renda

    Definetly!! I would be at London’s Microsoft store (when it finally opens) camping 2 days before the launch! Seriously!! Not kidding!

  • Ben Chia

    Yes!!!! pls pls pls!!

  • Eingoluq

    Once it has pen support and the rumored Kinect integration sure! I also hope they make a dual screen version so I can finally have my Courier

  • Kimck99

    On the one hand, yes I want MS to make a tablet with the design that is top notch and not the crap that HP, Dell, Acer, and other device manufacturers are putting out these days.

    On the other hand, if the design is sub-par, it will be viewed as a failure. But then again, the hardware design team has done a pretty good job in the past – Zune HD, some of the keyboards and mouse. Perhaps they can sign up the team that design the Courier to come up with one. Better yet, bring out the Courier… for the love of god!

  • Anonymous

    Might as well add another design to the mix, just don’t screw it up too bad or it will become fodder for the pundits.

  • Guest

    oh hell yes!!! as long as the quality is superior to everything else. it would need to be on par with the iPad. but this would be amazing to see this done and i would buy several of them on opening day! PLEASE DO THIS! AND PLEASE DO IT RIGHT!!!

  • Brady Caverly

    Obviously, potentially alienting manufacturing partners is a big argument against them creating their own tablet but I had two thoughts where it might make business sense without that risk.

    1) If doing it themselves allows them to get to market with their ideal device more quickly than their partners.  This way they could establish a presence and start to combat the existing leader sooner rather than later knowing that as soon as their partners get on board their will be more, different and cheaper devices.

    2)  If they build a “premium” device – where they control every aspect of the hardware – what I’m thinking is MS’s tablet has a full X-Box in it (is that even possible?)  What’s nice about this strategy is they could have one device that is loaded with the “cool” factor and start to get Apple-sort of rabid press attentioin yet, since such a device would have to carry a hefty price premium, they wouldn’t be competing directly with the OEMs.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean they will also keep the Zune players alive??