Microsoft Planning To Have 101 Retail Stores In Total By “This Time Next Year”

microsoft store tysons corner

At WPC 2013 today, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner announced that they are planning to expand their retail store presence aggressively in the coming months. He revealed that Microsoft is planning to have 101 retail stores in total by this time next year. Microsoft is also going to open their retail stores in China and Kevin said that it is “very very strategic to us, big time.”.

Microsoft already has 76 retail stores in US, Canada, and Puerto Rico which they use them to sell Microsoft products such as Windows PCs, Laptops, Windows Phones, Xbox and  more.

  • Dajkoo

    Want MS Store in Poland! ;_;
    In Silesia, then it will takes Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    • Fasioa

      Realistically, if it ever makes it way to europe, it will come to UK first and then to Germany and France, after that other western europe countries and maybe then to poland and the rest.

      • Paloma_Pastiche

        For Europe, the UK, then Germany and France would be the main priorities.

  • JimmyFal

    Why was there not a mention of the 600 stores within stores at Best Buy? That’s a pretty big deal for the consumer and Microsoft as well.