Microsoft Planning To Integrate Kinect Into Next-Gen TV’s

Microsoft has pretty big agenda planned for Kinect than we thought. A day before Microsoft announced that Kinect hardware specially designed for Windows PC’s is coming early next year. Now The Daily reports that, according to their sources Microsoft is planning to integrate Kinect in to next generation of TV’s. They are even in talks with manufacturers like Sony, Vizio, etc.

Microsoft is planning to integrate its Kinect motion sensor into next-generation television sets, The Daily has learned.
Sources familiar with the subject told The Daily that the tech giant wants to aggressively push the Kinect into as many living rooms as possible, even those without its Xbox 360 gaming systems. Microsoft is said to be in the early stages of licensing its Kinect technology to television hardware manufacturers like Vizio and Sony.

If this turns out to be true, Kinect will become more and more mainstream opening up the possibilities of lots of NUI scenarios. Because people will buy TV with Kinect than TV and Kinect.

  • Anonymous

    wondering how this will pan out b/c right now, the kinect is used to play video games. what other kind of non-video game content could be useful to someone watching TV, assuming that Xbox Live is not integrated. I’m not sure if I’m asking the right questions, just not sure what potential there is without an actual console?  is MS expecting the user to stand up and control their TV experience v. the remote?

    • Anonymous

      Controlling the TV experience with Kinect is great, people love it maybe even more than Kinect gaming.

      The only thing a TV is going to need is a simple UI and a good utilization of gestures and voice control.

      That can be done by anyone, or maybe Microsoft will bring a Windows Embedded TV.

    • Michaelfjs

      I watch movies on Xbox using kinect, its awesome. You don’t have to stand up, just wave your hands. This will be great in tv.

  • Damylen

    Sony? Playtation?

  • Brian Chau

    Apple is rumoured  to be planning on Apple TV, possibly integrating Siri in controlling TV set. Existing TV manufacturers should be worried. Adding in Kinect into TV may help them remain competitive against Apple TV.

    • VHMP01

      This is
      silly… “Existing TV manufacturers should be worried”… The least
      thing is being worried. CrApple TV is a setup box, which in any case would make
      “Existing TV manufacturers” SELL MORE TV sets. iFans must think other
      people are as idiotic as them.

  • Maciej

    Please let there be TV’s with integrated Kinect and Windows Media Center UI. That would be so awesome!!!