Microsoft Planning To Release Next Version Of Office For Mac By End Of This Year

Office for Mac 2014

Microsoft Office for Mac is the No.1 selling productivity suite on Apple’s Mac platform. The last release of Office for Mac by Microsoft is in 2011 and since then Microsoft has not released any major updates. Speaking to Computerwoche, Microsoft Office group head at Germany revealed that Microsoft is planning to release new suite of Office apps for Mac by end of this year(2014). The team is already hard at work on this upcoming product and Office 365 customers will get this update for free when it releases.

You can expect more more news in the second quarter of this year and Microsoft is already talking to large customers about the new Office for Mac suite behind closed doors.

Source: MacWorld

  • Nham Thien Duong

    When I worked at my office job I had worked with Microsoft Office for Mac, it’s surprisingly (not really) better than the Windows Versions of the same years, of-course Microsoft has always been known to support other platforms better than their own. (>_M) which of-course doesn’t make much sense. (>_<)

    • Chuck Whitaker

      Outlook for macs doesn’t even support push email smh I would never even consider Office for mac to come close to the Windows counterpart. The features that didn’t get brought over to macs is very long indeed.