Microsoft Planning To Release OneNote Capture Service To Take On Evernote And Others

OneNote Windows 8 App

Microsoft already has a hidden gem in its Office suite, it’s called OneNote. OneNote is an excellent note taking app. Using OneNote, you can take notes, add images, videos,   to-dos, files, and audio recordings anywhere on the page. All your notes are available on all your devices, OneNote works with Windows, Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android phone. You can even use it in Web browsers with the OneNote Web App. And you can use OneNote to share notebooks that everyone can view and edit. See what changes were made, and who made them. You can even share with people who don’t have OneNote.

In the mobile world, services like Evernote emerged to be a winner because of their superior mobile apps and availability on all platforms. OneNote came late on mobile and it seems Microsoft is focusing more on improving it. In the annual company meeting held yesterday, Koenigsbauer revealed a new service called OneNote Capture. It is more like a “save it for later service” that works in the cloud. I guess Microsoft could even allow websites to integrate OneNote capture buttons for websites, that will allow users to save whatever they find on the web. The service is expected to work across PC, browsers, tablets, and phones. It is worth noting that Microsoft already has a “read it later” type service called Reading List that was introduced as part of Windows 8.1. Read about it here.

Another cool work from Office team is that they are working on a “Office Lens” app for Windows Phone 8 devices that lets you take a picture of a whiteboard and then automatically scan and convert it into text using OCR tech that is already found in OneNote.

Source: The Verge

  • Yuan Taizong

    I must admit that OneNote is really cool, for any device really, it’s free and despite Microsoft OneNote Mobile always being a part of Microsoft Office Mobile for Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, they’ve given it a seperate ”hub” in Windows Phone 8 because Microsoft claimed that it was ”way too popular to be part of the Office Hub”, and they’re right, Microsoft OneNote Mobile is really good, and I can’t wait to see these new features coming.

    Of-course my Windows Mobile 6.5 and 7.8 devices won’t get the updates, but I’ll buy a Nokia Lumia 1020 for Windows Phone 8 anyway.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    I think it is a good initiative that MSFT is thinking more out of the box and thinking cross platform. However the save it later function is nothing new. There gas a been a save it later button on IE since Vista! One thing I’m still waiting is a full integration of OneNote into the WP and Windows 8 OS. Currently it can only be done by copy pasting or printing. Not bad, but I consider it a workaround. Also with OneNote I’m missing the option for direct ink to text recognition on the page, like the app could on the Lenovo tablets running android. Windows has to my experience the best stylus inking experience. They really need to exploit that more.

  • James

    This sounds awesome and the Office Lens sounds wicked!!!! I take a lot of whiteboard pics, so that’ll be really useful.