Microsoft Portugal Shows The Simplicity Of Windows 8 In A Different Way

We all know Windows 8 UI/UX is very simple to use and we have seen couple of videos where children were using it with ease. Microsoft Portugal took a step further and decided to demonstrate how simple Windows 8 is. At Windows Experience center in  a Fnac store in Lisbon, a small boy gives a demo of Windows 8 features to a adult customer who visited the store. Watch the video above, the moment speaks for itself.

Source: Microsoft

  • Big D


  • Mark Oostveen


  • GGlazer

    I think this is a great add. My 11 year old figured Win8 out pretty much all by herself.

  • Dan Fear

    I gotta admit, thats pretty friggen brilliant!

  • surilamin

    Now this is a great ad. Good job Microsoft.

  • eojj77

    Bring this Ad to the USA and in other countries. Brilliant.

  • Rich

    Is it legal to hire a child to work like that?

    • TV

      You see children working for TV Shows and Movies all over the world!

  • GG002

    This boy needs to work full time for Microsoft! And he should have clones, one at each store that sells Microsoft products!

  • redtidal

    This is pretty brilliant.

  • Oliver

    Good ad. Pleased with that. It would go down well in the UK and USA.

    Now onto another issue: why does every single Windows 8 machine that you can try in a shop have the same horrid purpley-blue theme? Mix it up a bit, and if you must pick only one, make it a nice one…

  • Bugbog

    I just couldn’t stop laughing! Especially every time he got up on his stool

    Brilliant advert!!

  • tropolite

    Now this is good advertising!
    Very cute, very believable and real. Love the expressions on the adults faces!

    We need this campaign going global.
    It needs to go Viral!
    Well done marketing team, you deserve a pay hike…

    • evildog

      well perhaps that team, the rest? Well there has been no clear message for win 8 and its pals

  • Manu

    I’m curious what the people that received that tutorial felt. I could easily see someone feeling offended.

    • hassia

      Why Iam 47 I always ask my nephew to help me with and for advice when it comes to computers.

    • sumedh

      people who get offended, got lot of ego issues .. They should stay at home :-)

  • hassia

    That was EXCELLENT. will repost.

  • general

    Fantabulous…. This should be repeated across the world to show consumers how easy it is to use…

  • Justin M. Salvato

    That was pretty cool. Good ad.

  • Michael

    awesome ad

  • Filipe

    I must say I wasn’t expecting something so good from my country!
    This ad got awesome. Hope to see it in TV sometime!

    • FilipeM

      Eu tambem nao.

  • mmbond

    Awesome! made me grin from ear to ear! now if it would only go viral…

  • Tips_y

    All those bloggers and writers at zdnet and cnet who say WP8 is complicated need this guy to teach them how to use the OS.

  • Renjith R Krishna

    The best windows advertisement ever. Generates emotional attachments and coneys the underlying message to maximum potential.

  • Sarang

    Now this is what an ad should be. Sweet. Simple. Straight to the heart!

  • Kazi

    Awesome, the best windows advertisement eva!

  • Windows 8

    Superb ad !! Loved watching this..

  • Jvella

    GREAT AD! Love the boy… and the girl at the end, PRICELESS!
    What’s the music in this video!?
    Its awesome!