Microsoft posts Company Highlights of the Year video

Microsoft has posted this retrospective of the company’s achievements in 2012, ranging from releasing the new Office to catching cyber-criminals to releasing the Microsoft Surface.

While Microsoft has not quite convinced the technorati that they are relevant again, they have certainly shown that they will not go going down fighting.

What are our reader’s opinion of Microsoft’s 2012? Let us know below.



  • WP Polite
    • Mohan

      you really want WP succeed don’t you? same here… love my Lumia 920. but WP won’t be a people’s champion anytime soon, there are plenty of iSheeps out there to convert. and Microsoft should be on top of its game which I’m sad to say…. not seeing it consistently. I guess they need a fresh blood on the top.

      • WP Polite

        True mohan. Whoever uses windows phone, they love it. Thats why it’s people champion 😉