Microsoft Posts New Video Ad: Lenovo Yoga vs. iPad Among College Students

After a series of ads that compared Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets to Apple iPad, Microsoft today posted a new video ad in which Lenovo Yoga takes on Apple iPad. The ad shows the situation in a college where a student who owns Lenovo Yoga was able to take notes, play games, etc,. at a same time with a single device while the students Apple iPad struggle to keep up with the class with no real keyboard, real multi-tasking, etc,.

Have fun and get work done on the Lenovo Yoga with Windows 8. See more at



  • frankwick

    Wordament makes an appearance.

  • efjay

    How come it took so long for such ads to appear, the Yoga is almost 1 year old now.

    • Bugbog

      Why is it none of the OEMS’s pushed their singular devices hard?

      We all know that once your tech reaches a particular plateau of ‘adequateness’, then it all depends on just how much you push the awareness of the product in order to achieve sales.

      A lot of these OEM’s don’t want to be treated like ‘dumb’ ODM’s, yet are always ready (nay eager) to blame “daddy MS” for anything and everything that goes wrong with their business!

      Using Samsung as a case-in-point, you can literally put ‘poo’ in your device, wrap it in tinfoil, and market it to the masses! Do it really well, and you will definitely make money!
      Churn out the same tired (or borrowed) designs, and put little to no effort into marketing it, then there will be little reason for the “masses” to rush out and purchase it!

      But hey, we can always blame ‘Daddy MS’ for any deficiencies!

  • Drewidian

    I have a lot of friends with iPads and Android tablets. Many of them are teachers and they all say the same thing. iPads just don’t work for classes where you have to do more than one thing at a time like read a book and take notes. Unfortunately for Apple, it means doing something like Windows 8 where they will have to break the existing iPad paradigm to get real multitasking and usefulness to work. That unfortunately means that unlike PCs, laptops, and tablets in the windows ecosystem, all of the current and legacy devices will not be upgradeable to that OS. I’m not sure what they can do to solve this in the future, but its going to become a real problem for them.

    • Bugbog

      All without any additional accessories, or third-party add-ons! :)

  • vmxr

    lol great ad can’t help my self i watched it multiple times

  • nohone

    Going by the amount of outrage demonstrated by the Apple fans over these ads, it appears that they are working

  • rjmlive

    As a long time fan of Microsoft waiting and begging for some legitimately good advertising, I approve of this message.

  • UMovies

    dont worry nokia is coming and they will advertise as well as reach out

  • Tech_Reader

    Now this is a seriously superb ad.. !!
    Loved this.. no end.

  • koenshaku

    A friend of mine just bought a yoga 11 and tablet mode just doesn’t do it for me pushing keys while holding it just feels wrong. Not to detract from the ad sheeple need to see this sort of thing to reevaluate what they are using.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Apple has the advantage of free advertisement on practically ANY film (even cartoons) by having their Macs and iDevices featured, people even claim that looking at the Apple logo makes you smarter, Microsoft on the other-hand has to work hard to advertise in a Google-dominated world, not even Chromebooks are so overreprisented on T.V.