Microsoft Press offering a free 300 page Windows 8 eBook for limited period


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Microsoft is offering a 328 page instructional ebook, Windows 8 at a Glance, for German users as a free download until the 1/11/2012.

The book, also published for 9.90 Euro as a paperback by Microsoft Press, is by Nancy Muir and is 35 MB big and DRM free.

The book covers:

  • The Windows 8 user interface
  • Windows 8 on use touch gestures, mouse and keyboard
  • Computer Settings
  • Using the search
  • The Windows App Store
  • File management and Ribbon
  • Sync and SkyDrive
  • Going online, e-mail and messaging
  • Network devices …

Nancy Muir works full time as an author and has written over 50 books on topics from the fields of technology and business.

See the offer at this page here.


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  • dostoR

    Nice hint, thanks!

  • sumedh kumar

    Its a good move by MS… English version would have been really helpful .



  • PoohGQ

    “..until the 1/11/2012..”?

    • padami

      yeah.. this is english format for dates.. jerk!

    • Thomas Bundgaard

      1st of november. It’s the european way of writing dates.

      • metric4dawin

        European way of doing stuff makes much more sense!
        Like the metric system vs the imperial system.

        • PoohGQ

          Oh! I just thought the year was incorrect. I grew up in England but now leave in the US, so it does get confusing sometimes. I still write a lot of words in UK English (like progamme) but spell checker always works wonders. :)