Microsoft promises 100,000 Metro-style apps in only 3 months

imageMicrosoft has expressed a somewhat irrational confidence in the prospects of Windows 8 and its new UI environment.

Microsoft Vice President Keith Lorizio told that Microsoft expected to have 400 million Windows 8 PCs in the market by July 1st.

“When Windows 8 goes live on October 26, the [size of the market] is [over] 1 billion consumers. Our goal … is conservatively over 400 million units in the marketplace by July 1.” This would be even faster than Windows 7, a very successful desktop OS, sold.

He also this explosive growth in the new platform to also boost developer interest.

“We’re expecting to aggressively pursue [delivering] 100,000+ apps [to Windows 8’s online marketplace] over the first three months,” he said.

The Windows Store just crossed 3600 apps recently, with around 5000 apps expected at the launch of Windows  8 on October 26th.

Microsoft expected this rapid growth due to the new focus on consumers rather than business.

“Windows 8 is going to be a really special experience,” he says. “Prior to now … we never had the operating system engaged in that [consumer-oriented] ecosystem. Now, with Windows 8, it’s not just pivoting around productivity, which every Windows release has been known for; we’re now going to pivot off the consumer.”

“There are three things that [will] make Windows 8 a guaranteed success,” he added. “It’s the massive marketplace [of PC users]. It’s about providing the same experiences across all devices in the Microsoft family—not just across the PC, but across mobile, across Xbox, and across the phone. And third, we’re going to have beautiful, relevant, and personal ads. So all of the ads are going to be integrated; they’re not going to be disruptive to the user experience, but beautiful, relevant, and useful.”

If only 10% of these sales are for hybrid and tablet computers Microsoft would have placed a major stake in the tablet market, disrupting it massively.

Lets hope Lorizio is right.


  • JohnCz

    Where is the promise you say was made … “expecting to aggressively pursue 100,000+ apps” is not a promise its a goal.

    • stompic


  • hysonmb

    it should be easy, have you seen how many YouTube apps are already about there…

  • bnlf

    pretty easy to achieve considering how easy is to develop to win8 modern UI plus the great interesting from developers. Im pretty sure we gonna have about 40k by the first month. They dont get more now due to late opening of the developer subscription.

    • cjallan417

      The other thing working in their favor is that many ideas are already there. Android/WP apps grew at a faster pace because iOS developers already hashed out many ideas. Obviously, putting the metro style on it and other, different ideas will add time, but a lot of the “what” can be made has had its way paved over the years. Couple that with the development ease, developer interest, and presumed amount of sales, it’ll be great to see the store build up very quickly for Win8 (and hopefully WP8 too).

  • rruffman

    Based on the HSN video of them selling the win 8 laptops and pc over the weekend shows that there are in fact MORE apps than what is reported in the RTM version of win 8 will are using and that REAL RTM devices seem to have access to a different store in the HSN video they show Skype and other apps that are not in our current app store they also mention that a hulu app hit the store that morning so it is clear that MS has a different store than the one we are using…

  • sam

    i think it should be achievable. Microsoft is calling developers in India and offering them coupons worth $100 for each published app in the marketplace.

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    All Microsoft Software metro Styled…. All Avid/Adobe/Autodesk Software metro Styled. The small apps will just come in masses.

    Basically, if a lot of the big-name software becomes “metro-fied” (is that even a word?) Microsoft could easily get 100,000’s of apps quite easily.

  • Glim12808

    If the quote is accurate in the above article, then there never was a promise to make available 100,000+ apps in 3 months! The quote says “expecting to aggressively pursue [delivering] 100,000+ apps”, that’s a whole world of difference than to promise to make available 100,000+ apps! They certainly can actively pursue delivering the apps (and they probably would fail), but then again, maybe they might succeed!

    • Glim12808

      And another thing. Based on the article, the VP never promised that these 100,000+ apps would each be a unique, quality app. For all we know, it could just be one quality app plus 99,999 crappy clone apps. LOL!

  • willdoors

    I can bet that 99,950 of those apps will be RSS readers just like the iwndows phone marketplace! btw ugly rss readers!

  • kalval

    That should be pretty easy. I’d predict that by the end of the 26th of October there will already be more devices running windows 8 than there are windows phones.