Microsoft promotes IE10 as the best touch screen browser

In a new ad Microsoft has targeted the browser on the iPad specifically as a bad experience and promoted IE10 on a tablet as built for touch and being “pretty amazing”, offering a “fast and fluid experience”.

Safari is in fact one of the worse parts of the iPad, crashing constantly, and I think it is a pretty valid attack target, which should resonate with those looking for a new tablet.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.



  • ahab


  • Bugbog

    Nice ad! IE10 IS one of the best parts of Windows 8, especially on a Tablet!

    And I thought I knew all the gestures?! Guess I need to look into it a bit more! :)

    Just as an aside. Although I already have two Huge screens on my desktop (27″ + 30″), there is just something about the Surface propped up in between as a third screen for quick touch surfing!

  • xSpartanx

    IE10 is really fast but auto-complete is very bad compare to chrome and no adblock which is very useful. i like how i dont need to sign in when going to MS websites such as outlook, xbox etc.

    • techieg

      IE is the most secure browser on all tests and reports and now with IE10 it is being reported as the fastest as well. Auto-complete is disabled by default in IE generally because it is a potential security reasons. Here you go;

      • xSpartanx

        i have ticked all the boxes already but it still doesnt work properly

  • Stephen Alale

    IE is crap, it will always be crap until Microsoft opens it up and allows the level of customization that exists on Chrome and Firefox. I have tor surf on my surface seeing these very intrusive and annoying ads, like the ones on

    • Monkey D Black

      good for you. but I don’t see how not having that many customization make the browser crap.

      I can say things like, until browsers like chrome and firefox have auto-spell check correction build in (without having to go thru a whole bunch of sh*t) then they will always suck compared to IE10

    • sepatown

      Go to Desktop IE, from settings, select Safety, then Tracking Protection. Now click “Get a tracking protection list online”. Add those lists and voila, no more ads on both Metro IE and Desktop IE.

  • jimski27

    That’s not saying much for the iPad, being a primarially consumption device. So what’s good about it again? Oh yeah, that retnia display. And those apps.

    • amaurys

      can your retina display and 700,000 apps let you plug in a usb and drag and drop like ive been doing since the 90’s? or what about a quick print on the go on some random printer in your friends job? I feel you 100% about the app ecosystem apple has but theres things Microsoft has already implemented that I just don’t see apple doing. 700,000 apps that’s just a matter of time…

  • Big D

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading other users’ posts that are bashing IE10 and Win8. This shows how moronic and uneducated they are (in terms of using technology). Everyone had bad experiences with versions previous to IE9. So many people are narrow-minded and can’t believe there could POSSIBLY be anything better out there than their precious iOS devices, Chrome and Firefox browser. GET WITH THE TIMES. These idiots are living in the past. NEWS FLASH: They’ll be late to the party AGAIN, just like they’re all adapting now to old, stale iOS and Droid. :)