Microsoft Promotes Live Tiles In Windows 8 In A Strange Way

We have seen some marketing like this before from Nokia for its Windows Phone devices. Microsoft organized this strange marketing activity in Norway to promote Windows 8 and its Live Tiles concept. Watch the video above and enjoy this marketing from Microsoft.

This film was shot downtown Oslo (Norway) to highlight one of the key innovations of Windows 8: Live Tiles. Showing the preview functionality of Live Tiles made for an evening to remember.

What do you think of it?

Thanks Alex for the heads up.

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  • JoshC

    That is awesome the look on their faces when that wall collapses, priceless

  • Santana George

    Awesome Work…

  • Aaron

    That is freaking brilliant!

  • KennyB123

    I don’t know if they were hired actors or not, but I don’t care. Love it!

  • Mr.InTernaTionaL

    I loved this. When the people stepped on it they didn’t seem to want to move. Microsoft should have had a big sign in the back with their name on it..

  • Smity Smiter

    haha, nice!
    But yes, they have to be hired actors, otherwise what if someone gets scared and gets off the tile? wall falls on them!


    This is cool and gets a point across, but I’d have to call out the “actors” too. Surely there’d be a huge problem (such as lawsuit) if such an anonymous person standing there on the tile flinched and moved… anywhere! If not actors, then I’m wrong, and it all worked.

  • Breakingillusions


  • MrClean77

    That was awesome. Especially their faces after the wall is pushed back up. LOL Priceless!!!

  • Lasp24

    That is amazing, not strange

  • Erik Pienknagura

    This is Just EPIC!!!! they deserve a Novel Prize! LOL

  • sumedh

    now that was really amazing.. Thoroughly enjoyed it .

  • rsgx


  • Monkey D Black

    ahahaha, that was epicly awesomely priceless

  • jabtano

    HAHA that is bloody dam cool

  • Gavin Tom

    haha omg that is freaking sweet. But I’m sure you couldn’t do that in America, somebody would sue your ass for it.