Microsoft Ranked Among The Top 10 U.S. Patent Winners of 2012

According to the report from research firm IFI, Microsoft was ranked among top 10 US patent winners. IBM topped the list for 20th consecutive year with 6, 478 patents in 2012 alone. IBM generates more than $1 billion a year in licensing revenue from its patents and invests around $6 Billion in R&D each year. Microsoft won 2,613 patents in 2012 with R&D costs around $9 Billion.

The Top 10 U.S. Patent Winners of 2012:
1) IBM 6,478
2) Samsung 5,081
3) Canon 3,174
4) Sony Corp. 3,032
5) Panasonic Corp. 2,769
6) Microsoft Corp. 2,613
7) Toshiba Corp. 2,447
8) Hon Hai Precision 2,013
9) General Electric Co. 1,652
10) LG Electronics Inc. 1,624


  • AK_91

    Ha! To all those people who say Apple is the most innovative company, its nowhere to be seen on the list.

    • Jay Taylor

      If I had to guess, I think that Apple probably gets a lot of its patents from small companies that it acquires, so although they may own a ton of patents, they’re not the ones directly filing for them, which explains their nonexistent showing on this list. However, since I don’t know if this is true or how this data was processed, take that idea with a grain of salt.

      • francis

        you mean copy some one else idea by buying them off… just like they did with SIRI…

    • NGM123

      ‘Apple is the most imitative’-fixed.

  • XB_Mod

    why is Microsoft so low? I actually expected top 3 spot…they invest pretty much more than anybody else in R&D so its not very efficient.

    • krayziehustler

      yeah but don’t forget that Samsung makes everything, even refrigidators and air conditioners, you can bet IBM/Samsung/Sony’s patents are mostly on the hardware side.

      • idondon

        actually looks like Microsoft is the only software company on the list.

  • Jim

    Where are Google and Apple?

    • guesttt999

      Apple and Google don’t spend money and time on research and patents. Google spends time and money buying companies like Motorola to harass other innovative companies. Apple doesn’t get affected yet due to its brand value. Something that Microsoft needs to improve with in the US. Their marketing department needs to take blame for that.

    • francis

      buying petents do not means innovation…..

  • WembergCarl0

    Microsoft is the most innovative company. Their problem is they don’t often implement their innovations effectively and they have a somewhat negative market perception.

    • krayziehustler

      They do it fine. It’s their Marketing department that should get the boot. You wouldn’t believe how many ppl have never heard of SkyDrive yet they are DropBox users…smh

    • Bugbog

      Make the MAJOR negative market perception. People accept the use of Microsoft products where there is no alternative. But the moment there’s something newer and flashier available? Out come the Sneers!

      “I don’t want a Microsoft product for that”

      “I’d never use a Microsoft product for that”

  • GG002

    Haha, take that, Nikon freaks!

  • francis

    but apple claims they re invent not innovate..