Microsoft Regrets Causing Any Inconvenience To No-IP’s Customers

Microsoft seized 22 domain names from dynamic DNS provider No-IP as those domains were being abused in malware-related crimes against Windows users. With a special order from federal court, Microsoft became the domain IP resolver for the No-IP domains. In this process, millions of innocent users got affected due to domain issues that happened due to Microsoft’s actions. No-IP blamed Microsoft for inconvenience caused to its customers.

They said,

Apparently, the Microsoft infrastructure is not able to handle the billions of queries from our customers. Millions of innocent users are experiencing outages to their services because of Microsoft’s attempt to remediate hostnames associated with a few bad actors.

Today, Microsoft provided the following statement that they are withdrawing complaints on Vitalwerks in the court and they regrets any inconvenience caused to customers in this process.

Microsoft has reviewed the evidence provided by Vitalwerks and enters into the settlement confident that Vitalwerks was not knowingly involved with the subdomains used to support malware. Those spreading the malware abused Vitalwerks’ services.

Microsoft identified malware that had escaped Vitalwerks’ detection. Upon notification and review of the evidence, Vitalwerks took immediate corrective action allowing Microsoft to identify victims of this malware. The parties have agreed to permanently disable Vitalwerks subdomains used to control the malware.

In the process of redirecting traffic to its servers for malware detection, Microsoft acknowledges that a number of Vitalwerks customers were impacted by service outages as a result of a technical error. Microsoft regrets any inconvenience these customers may have experienced.

Source: Microsoft

  • soder

    1) But who the f*** is Vitalwerks anyway??? There is not a damn sentence in the article about that. Had to Google it: from wikipedia: Vitalwerks LLC is the parent company of No-IP
    Pradeep: do your homework next time, right? I am not supposed to be uptodate with all these cover-company business relationships just to understand a gossip-site, like ms-news.

    2) Thanks MS for playing the role of global-internet-police voluntarily without being asked for, and by the way without having even the tiniest bit of authority in that area, just using your financial power and gargantuan influence in the IT world. Next time will you voluntarily and without contacting any authorities send SWAT to people suspecting tax cheating or drug smuggling based on your Bing database?

    • NegLewis

      Pradeep: do your homework next time, right? Please add a sub-sub Note about Microsoft and IP. OK?

      I forgive you this time.
      MUST add info about: DNS, mallware, domain, sub-domain … and