Microsoft Releases Another Windows Ad Targeting Google Chromebooks

Microsoft is not new in targeting Chromebooks in its Windows ads, we have already seen it in the past. Microsoft today released a new Windows ad which shows a customer opting for a Asus Windows device that costs $350 over a Chromebook. Why she did that? Because a Windows PC allows her to run full Office apps, play games, Skype with family and more importantly without internet requirement all the time.

Whether it’s playing games or getting homework done with Microsoft Office, Windows laptops give you the best of work and play.

The New Windows: One experience for everything in your life.

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on this new ad from Microsoft.

  • reKitab

    Good point there!

  • Doug Simmons

    Hey Pradeep, after all the years of Google-bashing campaigns, for any product or service, is there any sign that it’s a successful strategy?

    • Avatar Roku

      Outlook growing faster than Gmail. IE approaching 60% market share while Chrome usage plummeted last year. Bing growing steadily every month up to 18.2% market share in the US. Office destroying Google docs for business. Skype usage growing enormously since MS ownership and integration. Meanwhile Google+ flounders. Azure has left Google cloud in the rear view and is now a serious Amazon competitor.

      • Bugbog

        You left out a fourth. Google (and sympathisers) generate a lot more noise than Microsoft! :)

        You’d think from the noise generated from their camp [of cloners] that Microsoft was shrinking to nothingness!?

    • grs_dev


  • tomakali

    Microsoft should force upgrade XP users to W8. Maybe release a free Service Pack which introduces 8.1 Store, UI, to XP

    Free W8 upgrade for XP users with 2 years support

    Free Lumia 625 with New License

    Free Lumia 525 with Upgrade License

    Just spoil the market…

  • ThatGuy

    Wasn’t there a 900 million dollar write-off of those windows machines?