Microsoft Releases Bing App For Firefox OS Devices

Bing Firefox OS


Microsoft has today released its Bing app for Firefox OS devices. Firefox OS is an open source OS developed by the team at Mozilla targeting low-end mass volume devices. Similar to the Bing apps on other platforms, Bing app on Firefox OS brings their daily stunning homepage images in the app. Bing app allows you to search the web for links, images, videos and more. The search results are presented in a beautiful way as you expect. Also, since it is just an extended version of their mobile website, you can now enjoy Bing Rewards as well.

Download it here from Firefox Marketplace.

  • ZloiYuri

    Even firefox users have a better Bing search than most WP users, who can use just plain web search via IE due to shameful Bing services block all around the world. Exclusive, the fuck….