Microsoft Releases Celebrity News App SNIPP3T For Apple iPhone Users

Microsoft Snippet iPhone app

Microsoft has quietly released a new celebrity news app called SNIPP3T in Apple App Store. The surprising part is that Microsoft is releasing it for iPhone users before their own Windows Phone platform.


SNIPP3T (pronounced “Snippet”) is a Celebrity News app that snips everything you want to know about your favorite celebrities from all over the web and puts it in one place.
•Subscribe to your favorite celebrity with one click, and the hottest stories about them will show up in your personalized stream of headlines.
•Tap on a celebrity to view their detailed profiles and explore a timeline of news stories surrounding them. You can also tap into a news story to get all relevant story content (news articles, photos, videos, and social mentions) in one place.
•Share your thoughts about the latest news with other fans of your favorite celebrities

Microsoft Snippet iPhone app 1

Download it here from App Store for free.

Thanks to Mohamed for the heads up.

  • boohooboohooboo

    do you suppose having SNIPPET on windows phone first would move users to windows phone? NOPE. Then stop being so surprised and be glad the iphone folks are beta-testing it for us.

    • efjay

      The point you missed is the message Microsoft sends, which is if they put competitors before their own platform why would anyone else bother with it?

      • boohooboohooboo

        nonsense.they don’t continue their non-WP-first strategy (for two years now) without understanding the message a sub-set of a sub-set of a sub-set of smartphone users might incorrectly gleam.

    • ZloiYuri

      So if we will change point of view, can we say WP is beta testing progressive design ideas for Apple and Google?

      • boohooboohooboo

        due to their status as market-leader versus last place holder… you can’t so easily change the point of view.

        • ZloiYuri

          I’m not fan of anything so personally me can do it easily 😀 But we see as WP design principles influenced well to a market. Sadly it’s only one thing WP could do.

    • pdouglas

      It is easy to distinguish someone who is not invested in the Microsoft ecosystem: they are the first to encourage MS to invest in other ecosystems. If MS does not show commitment to its own platforms above others, it is unreasonable for the company to expect members of its own ecosystem to do the same. It is so disrespectful for MS to support other platforms over its own, while expecting its customers to do as it says, not as it does.

      • b4rtw

        How does this benefit the MS ecosystem exactly? I am not criticizing, just merely mind-boggled

      • boohooboohooboo

        Wow. You couldn’t be more wrong. I’m msft day and night. No linux/android/mac/iphone anywhere in my life at work or play.

        Do you sound intelligent, in your inner voice? Cause you sound like a blowhard (your words – “EASY to distinguish”) from more than 1 inch away.

        “It is so disrespectful for MS”

        Have you ever WORKED for an actual real non-theoretical (the kind you dream up in your head) company? I don’t think you have, as you are so prone to give HUMAN (being ‘disrespectful’) attributes to a corporation. The real world doesn’t work the way you are framing it. A corporation makes choices based on margin, customer base and opportunity. And I only hope you understand how even those 3 terms figure in heavily into msft’s smart decisions around their launches (snipp3t in this tiny instance).

  • Thomas

    This is a logical step. People who are so much into celebs that they run celeb apps on their smartphones surely use iPhones. And why? Because all celebs use Apple stuff. Unless they are paid to do promos for Android, Blackberry, and iPhone of course. :-)

    • mariya4563

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  • hysonmb

    It’s no surprise anymore. Nokia did more for Windows Phone than Microsoft has when it comes to brining content to the platform. I don’t care about this particular app, but MS has a history of supporting the competition first and sometimes with more features.
    They want to attract developers to Windows Phone, show how it’s so easy to bring apps to the OS, how well they can do in the store, etc. but then MS themselves release software for the others first. This tells developers that MS doesn’t even support their own platform first so why should they? Not enough resources, too hard, not enough market? If the 1st party doesn’t target their OS for new apps, why should I waste time and resources doing it? There’s sure to be a business decision behind it, but, if you want to win customers you need to win mindshare and if I need to go with iOS to get the latest apps from Microsoft, they’re giving away that mindshare on a platter. You’ll never see Google or Apple release something for another platform before their own yet it has been common for Microsoft.

    • boohooboohooboo

      you set up a straw man when you said – “but then MS themselves release software for the others first. This tells developers that MS doesn’t even support their own platform first so why should they”

      MSFT isn’t realistically trying to convince devs to launch FIRST on wp. MSFT is simply launching on competitor platforms first, and including their own WP.

      And THAT is exactly the MOST realistic way they see other devs ever supporting WP.

  • wessam

    I was supporting windows phone but now after what Microsoft is doing by ditching the support for 2 years old phones and now the apps and new features are in other OS first (I hate Apple Iphone but my brother has Iphone 4 and till now he got updates after 3 years now) so i don’t get it. I was waiting for 41MP next phone but now i will wait till 2016 when Nokia can make it’s own 41MP android phone and i will buy it as now i have Nokia Xl with no one single hang or lag as Nokia is known for build quality and hardware whatever OS running with only 735 MB ram and 512MB free space running with no lag, imagine with 2-3 GB ram and 16GB free storage how it will be.

  • LexicoRed

    This is another positive example of Microsoft moving forward from the mess of the Ballmer years. The failure of WP, Surface, & xBox One had proved this repeatedly.

    Microsoft is a great service & software provider, not a hardware seller. The more, and sooner the focus on cross patform S&S the better the future.

    • VHMP01

      What I deduce from all your posts is that you are afraid for Apple from MS hardware side. As hardware Surface is better than Mac Barbie full of Air and Pros, WP is better iPhone fun, and XBox kills Apple TV in a blink. Basically MS can toy around with their hardware and still are better than Apple. So it’s a tread to the so called Apple’s nitch high end expensive lucrative only thing it’s suppose to have!

      • LexicoRed

        I have no interest in Apple hardware let alone afraid for them to do so would create a false dichotomy that serves no benefit. It may fulfill some adolescent need for competition but does change the fact Microsoft’s success is solely dependent on Microsoft. Moreover it is independent of Apple or Google, and smartly complimentry to their success. Though seeing that takes a bit more insight.

  • b4rtw

    Wtf? How does this benefit MS?

    • boohooboohooboo


      • b4rtw

        Obviously. But do they need to have a MS account? Or how do they get drawn in to the MS ecosystem? Just using the app without identifying the user is no good for MS….?

        • boohooboohooboo

          screenshots man! Last one clearly shows “friends” which means its not simply pulling from your contact list. It ‘knows’ something about the user. One must assume a login is encouraged.

          • b4rtw

            Cool, thanks. Missed that bit

  • deathdealer351

    I think its more surprising when they release an app on windows phone first at this point.

  • Jeff Hung

    It’s just a specialized Bing News app. Everyone can get the same results by subscribing the celeb name as topics. No big deal.

  • sumit Tanty

    Any stuff for microsoft operating system ( windows phone) ???