Microsoft Releases Couple Of Ads To Promote Office 365 Among Consumers

Microsoft has released couple of new ads for Office 365 to promote it among consumers targeting the back to school season. In one ad, a dad gives his son a laptop with Office 365 University installed, and in another a mother presents her daughter a laptop with Office 365 University installed. Even though both the ads involves Office 365, they don’t show any new features and capabilities of the Office 365. Instead, they focus on what parents and children really think about at that moment. Check out the both the videos.

  • techieg

    Where is the product being advertised in the commercials? If I can’t see it, they might as well be talking about rocks at the bottom of the sea.

    • grs_dev

      This is a brand awareness campaign not a product lift campaign. This is one of those things that they’ll eventually want to measure how many people were aware that Office 365 University edition was available before and after the campaign. At this point, yes it might as well be rocks at the bottom of the sea, because without awareness, the product features don’t really matter.

    • FateStayNight

      I would buy dem wet rocks

  • Duk3togo

    Is it me or they over complicated this? Honestly, I think they’re crap…sorry MS, but they’re crap… Show the benefits and usefulness not people standing around…

    • grs_dev

      For someone who’s aware that the product exists a features and benefits campaign would be effective. For those who aren’t even aware of the product, going straight into what “it” can do for you without these ice breakers would be a waste of advertising dollars.

      • Duk3togo

        Wait actually seeing the benefits would be a waste of marketing $$. So you’re saying that these adverts that really doesn’t say anything really and still leaves people who don’t know the product after watching it, is marketing dollars at work. Man you must be on that breaking bad meth, lol…

        • grs_dev

          You clearly have been under a rock for many years.

          Here are some really famous commercials that never even featured or talked about the actual product and that have been considered by experts to be text book in terms of raising awareness:

          Apple’s 1984 themed ad from 1984!

          The whole I am a PC campaign!

          Geico’s Happier than campaign!

  • fishhead

    I have college age kids with Office 365 loaded, granted home edition, and think these are rather lame. Brand awareness is lost somewhere between the start and end. Doesn’t appear to be any focus, no target.

  • FateStayNight

    Well, things got real lolz