Microsoft Releases Device Center Beta For Windows 8

Microsoft today released a new app called Device Center which will help you manage devices connected to your Windows 8 tablets, PC’s, etc,. This new app which is designed for touch UI may replace our old Device Center in Windows.

Device Center helps you personalize and customize how you work on your PC

  • Tailor your mouse and keyboard to meet your unique needs and work style.
  • Modify your mouse and keyboard settings to make it easier to use the unique features of most PC apps.

Effortlessly transition to Device Center from existing device management apps

  • Launch the app from the Windows 8 Start screen.
  • View and change basic and application-specific settings for all connected devices in one place.
  • Explore features with pop-up descriptive and “how-to” InfoTips.
  • Includes access to an online How-To/Troubleshooting library.
  • Includes access to an online Healthy Computing Guide for tips on how to work more comfortably on your computer.

You can download it here. 32-bit version | 64-bit version


  • Anonymous

    ummm… why is this a desktop app?

    • gb

      its not.. its a metro app. read carefully.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, it’s a desktop app, try to download it 😉

        I think the interesting thing would be: Why is this desktop app Metro style? Can we expect future desktop apps to have the same visual style? And will the desktop itself be restyled in the next release? Microsoft won’t answer directly of course, but this could be a small hint…

        From working with Windows 8 for almost a week now, I certainly think it would make sense to have the option of styling the desktop in some Metro gloss.

        To those who download it thinking it might handle 3rd party devices: it doesn’t seem to do that. In this version it seems to be solely for Microsoft supported devices.

        • JP

          does it at least handle windows phone & xbox?

          • Monkey D Black

            same question I had. if not, then I don’t see the reason for such an app. will it recognize printers too? cameras? or just keyboard and mouse?

          • Anonymous

            This is the list of supported devices right now:

            Device Center might turn out to be just an upgraded version of the old Intellipoint software, which could be the reason why it’s a desktop app and not a Start Screen app. So the name “Microsoft Device Center” should then be taken to litterally only mean Microsoft devices.

            Maybe the reason why they did this as a desktop app, is that there are differences between what you can do with the WinRT framework (Start Screen) and traditional code in terms of how you can address the hardware.

            Maybe they had all of this code from Intellipoint that would have had to be ported over to the Start Screen, but didn’t have the ressources to do so… We don’t know :)

        • gb

          maybe since windows store is not officially open then microsoft is providing it through the desktop. ultimately its destined for metro. that is where you are meant to use it. desktop already has a device manager. just because right now you can download it through the desktop does not mean it is for the desktop. the desktop UI is not in sync with this app to start with. try pinning it to the start screen.

          • Anonymous

            I am not a dev… but wouldn’t they be using completely different APIs to make desktop vs. metro. I’m not sure why they would make it desktop now and somehow make it metro later. furthermore the windows store is open (although you are right it is not official) but they have already said that they plan on pushing new apps through the store between CP launch and final launch

          • gb

            i guess ultimately its windows8. would not matter if it is launched from desktop or metro. its two UI’s at the end of the day but same OS. I dont see y u cant launch metro apps within the desktop. Im sure there is more to be revealed from microsoft on win8. I have a feeling they are still hiding a few cards up their sleeves. Afterall they need to creat more buzz just b4 the official release.

  • Anonymous

    Hope to God that this isn’t the rumored ActiveSync replacement for Zune software.

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      Im sure mouse and keyboards aren’t Windows Phones, so no. this isn’t for that.