Microsoft Releases Firmware Update For Surface RT To Improve Performance

Microsoft Surface RT Available

Microsoft today released a firmware update for Surface RT devices as part of July 2013 updates. It is now available for users around the world. According to Microsoft, this July 9 firmware update enhances system performance and reliability. Microsoft also noted that Surface Pro is not receiving any update this month.

You can update your device through Windows update.

Source: Microsoft 

  • zephnath

    Talked to MS and it looks like they are delaying the release of this Firmware update. It didn’t show in Windows Update when I checked…

    • Simon

      No firmware update for me, too…

    • Daniel Harris

      Are you guys running Windows RT 8 or 8.1?

      I am on 8.1, and don’t see the firmware update yet.

      • zephnath

        On both 8 and 8.1. Neither is finding the firmware update. The Microsoft tech I spoke to yesterday said that they had temporarily pulled it, but didn’t say why. He told me to just keep trying in coming days.

        • Daniel Harris

          Cheers I will keep checking myself. Looking forward to getting proper video playback restored.

          Saying that i’ve yet to see anything official that states this July firmware update will specifically resolve the issue…so it’s still fingers crossed as far as I can tell