Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface Pro, Brings Support For Type Cover 2 Or Touch Cover 2

Surface Pro 2

Microsoft today released set of updates for Surface Pro devices which brings in support for using Type Cover 2 or Surface Touch Cover 2 and device driver updates to optimize Surface Pro for Windows 8.1 which is getting released later this month.

October 2013 updates:

In preparation for the release of Windows 8.1, these additional updates were released for Surface Pro running Windows 8.0:
•UEFI firmware updates.
•System Aggregator firmware updates.
•Various device driver updates to enhance the Windows 8.1 update experience, and optimizations for using Type Cover 2 or Surface Touch Cover 2.

Note These updates should be applied prior to updating to Windows 8.1.

Source: Microsoft

  • Ruufus

    Wish they made a backlit Power cover also.

    • alukard

      The power keyboard is backlit

      • Ruufus

        Really? Very cool. I can’t rationalize buying a Surface Pro 2 yet; so this can be a partial Christmas present to myself.

      • Wupideedoo

        No it isn’t.

  • Yuan Taizong

    The great thing about new hardware is the dramitic drop in old ones’ prices, you can buy a cheap Surface Pro (1) and put the Nr. 2’s/#2’s keyboard on it 😛

  • Rico Alexander

    Will the original surface support the new non-power keyboards?

    • jippyoo7

      Yeah sir! It’s already written on the Microsoft store! I have a RT model and looking foward for a cyan type cover 2!

  • Jonathan Roberts

    Awesome for the Pro 2 owners but as a first gen RT guy this whole thing is BS!

    • nohone

      Why is this BS? This update is for 1st Gen Pro owners to make upgrading your device to Win8.1 when released easier and also add support for the new covers. Because they are different devices, these problems most likely do not apply to first gen Surface RT and therefore the fix is not needed.

      • Jonathan Roberts

        From my understanding 1st RT devices are not compatible with the new attachments and covers that were recently announced. After this 8.1 update essentially this is a dead device after a year on the market.

        • nohone

          Surface RT 1 is not compatible with the power keyboard nor the docking station because they need the additional power connectors that are only available on the Surface Pro, Pro 2, or RT 2. However, the Type 2 and Touch 2 keyboards are compatible with Surface RT 1.

    • Guest

      (Surface team Reddit)

      “Yes! Both Touch 2 and Type 2 covers work with all Surface products and these products all have backlighting. Power Cover works with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface 2.”