Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface RT And Surface Pro Devices

Microsoft today announced firmware updates as part of the patch Tuesday for Surface Pro and Surface RT devices.

Here is the change log for Surface Pro device,

The April cumulative update for Surface includes firmware and driver updates including:

  • Resolves an issue with on screen touch navigation in the UEFI boot menu.
  • Resolves some Surface Type and Touch cover connectivity issues.
  • Support for 106/109 keyboards on North American Surface devices.
  • Resolves an issue where toggling airplane mode would disable the Wi-Fi driver.

Change log for Surface RT device,

The April cumulative update includes improved Surface Wi-Fi reliability, connectivity in various scenarios, and performance improvements including:

  • Certain “Limited” connectivity issues resolved
  • Improves Wi-Fi to handle a wide range of access points.
  • Resolves system crashes caused by certain Wi-Fi issues.

Check for updates on your Windows device after few hours. Updates will be released around 1 p.m. ET.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    This wifi issue is very persistent

  • oldjovian

    Does anyone else have an issue with the screen becoming very erratic—zooming in and out very quickly? Power off and on usually resets it . . .