Microsoft Releases Free Windows 8 Tablet Xbox Avatar Prop In US

Xbox Windows 8 Tabler Avatar

Microsoft Windows 8 team has released a new Avatar Prop for US Xbox consumers. This new Avatar Prop is a Microsoft Surface device running Windows 8. When enabled with this prop, your avatar will enjoy music in tablet mode and shows attaching a detachable keyboard. It also demos the kickstand available at the back of the tablet. Overall, a nice marketing stuff from Windows unit to attract Xbox consumers.

I think Microsoft may enable this prop for users outside US soon. Download this exclusive Avatar prop from Windows 8 here.

via: mobilitydigest

  • Albert

    Microsoft want to be world players its about time they stop having all this exclusive USA only mentality.

  • Ruufus

    Downloaded it. Completely useless AND completely fun, silly.

  • Rui Silva

    I’m portuguese and I was able to have this avatar in Portugal

    • Filipe

      Really? I’ve got a Portuguese Microsoft Account and I faced the -1 MS Points Bug when I tried to get the prop. Are you sure your account is from Portugal?

      • Rui Silva

        Yes I’m sure, I don’t really know but I didn’t have an issue

  • Myclevername

    I don’t have an Xbox but I do have an Xbox avatar. How do I get his new Surface prop over to him? I downloaded it and it’s in my Xbox queue but I can’t get it into the hands of my avatar. Is this an Xbox Player only thing?