Microsoft Releases Fresh Paint App For Windows 8

Microsoft today released a new app called Fresh Paint in Windows Store for Windows 8 devices. Fresh Paint is not just another painting app on a touch device, its a delightfully real and fun painting app! The real feel of drawing on a paper, mixing oil paints, using the color mix for painting, and many more truly unique to this app. This apps seems to be built from the Microsoft Research Project called Gustav.


  • Discover delightfully real paint that behaves like real paint where it should and better than real where you need it. Blend and mix colors to get just the look you want
  • Help your kids be creative and explore their imagination
  • Experience real painting and be creative without the mess and costly supplies
  • Relax and enjoy yourself. There is nothing to learn because you already know how to use it
  • Zoom in to see strikingly realistic details. Only Fresh Paint has an amazing, realistic paint engine developed by the company that brought you Kinect

Download it here from Windows Store on your Windows 8 machine. Watch the Project Gustav demo below.

  • ustudio


  • Sunovavic

    Might just bring out the artist in me.

  • Pierre Venescar


  • Sunovavic

    Is there an equivalent of this in iOS?

    • Rohit Singh

      lol. Really!! And i thought it was supposed to be the other way round 😛

    • Paul Renda

      I think you have Corel Painter? Not sure. Sketch Pro is also very good.

  • NIA

    Fantasia Painter should also come to windows 8!

  • tropolite

    I don’t seem to have it available for me to download (in Australia)… any other ideas? tried to search on Win 8 tablet but nada came up…

  • Paul Renda

    Love it, although I’d like to have an option to add a back layer, so I can paint over an existing photo i.e.

  • joop

    Not very metr.. Windows 8-like. but it looks cool, however, I’ve seen it before using the Consumer Preview.

  • Bugbog

    The line between real and digital will soon blur. I mean, if you can now print this to proper canvas paper will anyone soon be able to tell the difference?

    I also presume that with proper Win 8 tablets and the 600dpi styli the process (lag) will improve?!

  • arian

    my sister never let’s me on it