Microsoft Releases June Firmware Updates For Surface

Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface Pro & RT every month.  Updates rolled out the for this month include:

Surface Pro:

Update includes driver and performance improvements including:

  • LifeCam driver that enhances clarity for low light operation and improves reliability when switching between the integrated camera and an external camera.

Surface RT

Update includes these firmware and performance improvements:

  • Surface Home Button driver update that improves the reliability of the devices waking up immediately on the first button press.
  • Firmware update for Surface Type Cover and Surface Touch Cover that improves functionality for both accessories. Includes the ability to toggle function keys, new shortcuts, and helpful keyboard navigation improvements.


  • francis

    this update made my camera useable, before this the camera was so grainy…. great joj MS.
    now I need my windows 8.1 update…. which will make my surface RT even better…

    • soder

      Changelog says the lifecam driver change was done only for the Pro, and not for the RT. So how could be your RT perform better since that? Placebo effect? :)

  • Dome

    The keyboard update is only for Surface Rt?!

    • Bugbog

      They get separate updates at separate times. Like, for instance: Lifecam update for only the Surface Pro?!! 😀

  • Kickstar

    If only the Phone team would work this fast.