Microsoft Releases MSN For iPad App

Today Microsoft released its MSN for iPad app on Apple App Store. The app will allow you to explore MSN content with ease on iPad. You can read content, watch on News, Sports, Entertainment & Celebrities, Editor’s Picks, Video, Money, Living, Autos, etc,. Also the app will feature,

  • Easy to Use Interface with swipe gestures
  • No Web Connection, No Problem: Take MSN Content with You (Offline support)
  • Streamlined Sharing (Support for Facebook, Twitter, etc,)
  • Circle and Search with Lasso (Similar to Bing for iPad app)
  • Swipe-Through Slideshows and Photo Galleries

Try it now. Read more on it here.

  • Devenyi Károly

    Why not WP7 supports Silverlight in the browser?????

    • J-mac

      Because it doesn’t support any plugin…

  • JimmyFal

    I’m not an Apple guy, but I picked up my buddies Ipad from the couch, installed MSN app. As soon as I touch a story and found that I could not pinch to zoom or rotate that story, I uninstalled it and put it back on the couch. Total experience, less than 5 minutes. I hope someone somewhere can learn something from that. Whether or not I did something wrong, that app is gone.