Microsoft Releases New Ad Targeting Apple iPad Mini With Acer Iconia W3

Microsoft is continuing its marketing efforts to make consumers understand that Windows 8 tablets offer more value that Apple iPad. We have seen many ads in the past that compared Windows 8 tablets such as Surface RT, Dell XPS 10, etc to iPad. Today, they released a new ad which targets iPad Mini. Microsoft used Acer Iconia W3, the only 8-inch Windows 8 tablet right now to target iPad.

It focuses on availability of Halo game, full Office suite and less price ($299) of Iconia W3 to Apple iPad Mini which lacks Halo game, full Office and a higher price of $429.

What do you think of this ad?

  • nohone

    Iconia – not so great device with a great OS that will get even better in a month or two
    MiniPad – not so great device with a not so great OS that will get even worse in a month or two

  • Duel

    Verge 3.9 points for acer “DON’T BUY THIS”

    verge iPad mini, points 9.0 “APPLE RAISES THE BAR YET AGAIN”

    Really microsoft… So desperate


    • Johan Spånberg

      The Acer W3 has been updated with a better IPS-display since that review.

      • Bugbog

        Is the updated panel model out yet? I though it was still “to be produced!?”

      • Duel

        Its not out yet, coming maybe next month, so Microsoft marketing this old crap tablet while there’s new model coming maybe next month, nice one Microsoft :D, this sure makes new w3 customers happy, if there’s even any, I hope not.

        • nohone

          Wait, you have been claiming that iPad sales are down because Apple will have a new version shortly. I saw an iPad commercial from Apple on TV just last night. So if Microsoft is releasing Win8.1 in a month, Acer has updated devices out soon (how do you know this device is not the updated one?), then they are bad, but Apple is great for, as you claim, releasing a new version soon and misleading their customers?
          But I know you will find some way to twist the story to claim it is OK for Apple, but bad for Microsoft.

          • Duel

            (how do you know this device is not the updated one?),
            Because of the price?

          • Nohone

            I don’t think the price was going to change. Also, this is Microsoft, they could easily get access to the newer version.

            But the fact still stands, you are condemning Microsoft when Apple is doing the same exact thing.

          • Duel

            I’m almost sure that the price is going to be higher, better display=more expensive to build.

            Also if microsoft would get the newer version they definately wouldnt show it in random ad before acer launch it.

          • Nohone

            Oh, well you believe it will be more expensive, so it must be. You have no knowledge of Acer’s supply chain, how much they can get the screens for, how much profit they make per device and if they can take a little less profit, include a better screen, and sell more because of it. But you are an Apple fanboy, so you must know all. Speaking of which, put a much better screen in the iPad from one version to the next without raising the price, rumor is the next MiniPad will have a better screen without raising the price, but since this is not an Apple product, we need to make up stories and claim Acer will add to the cost. Typical – just make up crap to try to scare people away. Are you sure you don’t work for Apple marketing?

            As for showing off a new something that has not been released, companies do it all the time. Mercedes had an ad in the Super Bowl for the CLA, it will not be released until the fall. Movies have ads months before release. Apple put out ads for the iPhone 5 before they actually shipped.

          • Nohone

            Something else to add – Apple released iPad 4 and MiniPad at the same time. And yet they put inferior parts such as a last gen processor, weaker camera, etc into the MiniPad. That is not raising the bar. On second thought, using last gen tech is raising the bar, for Apple.

          • Duel

            Because there is one year in middle of the products? of course year later you get better parts for same price. But you need to remember that iconia came just few months ago, what would you think is the reason in first place why they didn’t ad better display? im sure they knew its crap but they wanted to price to be low so it could compete., well it didn’t quite work…

            “Apple put out ads for the iPhone 5 before they actually shipped.”
            don’t know what you are trying to say with this totally different thing, of course they put ads after they have revealed the product.
            Same situation would be we seeing iPhone 5S commercial today even the launch is still month away or more.

    • nohone

      Only you would be desperate enough to rely upon The Verge to tell you what to buy. Why not just regurgitate an Apple press release? Oh, wait, that is what Verge does.
      Where does the me too (ohh, Amazon has a smaller screen, and even though Stevie Jobs relentlessly criticized it and said nobody would ever want one, we got to have one also) MiniPad raise the bar? With the crap screen that has a lower resolution than the poor display on the Acer device? With the little to no device ecosystem? No keyboard, expansion ports, etc? Oh, that is right, Apple made a device that was bigger than the iTouch, but smaller than the iPad. GENIUS!!! How could they ever think of something like that? Way to raise the bar, Apple!
      I see that we are back to complaining about the frame around the screen. Before the iPad having a bezel on a device was bad, then when the iPad a giant one it was good, but now it is bad on other devices but good when it is on the iPad.
      And the MiniPad looks cool? Can’t wait until OS7 when the Apple fanboys eagerly await iOS7, and get what looks like something designed for a 7 year old girl.

      • Duel

        Its not only verge, it gets bad reviews everywhere

        • Nohone

          This device is not the best, granted. But using the verge to say that Apple raised the bar when all they did was make a device that is bigger than the iTouch, but smaller than the iPad, is just kissing up to Apple. And there have been many reviews critical of the MiniPad, deriding the screen they use, a screen that has a low resolution not even equivalent to the original iPad.

          • Duel

            Its not kissing apple, they just tells the truth “And it does raise the floor here. There’s no tablet in this size range that’s as beautifully constructed, works as flawlessly, or has such an incredible software selection”

            100% agree, that review came last year and it still holds.

          • Nohone

            Yes, the founder of that site tells the truith when he calls Microsoft a cancer on humanity, tells people who use Microsoft software because they like it to ‘calm the f*** down’ simply for expressing their opinions. Who demands that his staff use only Apple computers except when doing reviews and then when they don’t know how to use something out side of the Apple ecosystem, blames the non-Apple company.

            Fair and balanced my ass.

          • reKitab

            Say it again, Nahone!

      • Davey

        The W3 is getting slammed everywhere for it’s crap display. SO not a good comparison for MS. The concept however is great and I wouldn’t mind the refreshed W3 when it comes out with an IPS display.

  • Justin

    I have one of these. I would rather have the mini.

    Screen is garbage, desktop mode with no mouse on an 8″ screen is a joke.

    I do love my Surface Pro though :)

    • Duel

      Desktop mode even with full size surface is joke, so i could imagine what it is using 8″ screen. Microsoft should have left the whole desktop mode out of RT tablets, everything is too small, not designed for touch interface, you need to press things more than ones to get somewhere because everything is so tiny so the screen register touches quite randomly.

      • colphoenix

        I don’t see iPad with desktop, office, outlook. I’m really happy with my RT. and guess what, just snap open that kickstand and you can watch an entire movie “with no hands”!

        • Duel

          “I don’t see iPad with desktop” thank god!

          “office” we have office 365 and many office variations and also Apple own iWork which is actually made for TOUCHSCREEN, not like that crappy office.

          “outlook” ok? where i need outlook when i already got great mail app

          “and guess what, just snap open that kickstand and you can watch an entire movie “with no hands”!”

          And i can do same with iPad, but i still prefer sending movies wirelessly from my iPad to my TV and with no hands i can enjoy movie on 46″ tv while still surfing on web or anything what i want with my iPad 😉

  • SocalBrian

    So this is the very same Acer that just said it will be “expanding its Google-centric efforts” while “pushing fewer laptops or tablets sporting Win8?” Priceless.

    • Krinos

      It’s also the same Acer that had a massive cry when MS announced the Surface RT (which was priced high to allow Acer to compete) whilst Google was right there selling their Nexus 7 at cost price.
      Also the same Acer that said they’re going to move into the high end going forward and then released this turd.