Microsoft Releases New Bing Winows 8.1 App: Health & Fitness

The Bing Health & Fitness app is a personal companion for everyday living. The app around the philosophy that “by bringing together nutrition, fitness and medical information customized to your own personal needs, you can learn about your own health, what works for you and make smart decisions to lead a healthy life. Combining these things in one comprehensive app allows you to quickly learn about what’s happening with your body and discover ways to maintain or change your lifestyle with helpful and easy to understand content.”


The Health & Fitness app contains three Trackers; Diet Tracker, Health Tracker and Exercise Tracker. The Trackers are an easy and powerful way to gather information about your own body to make better decisions for you. They also all sync with Microsoft’s HealthVault to securely bring in data from personal medical records and third party tracking tools such as blood glucose monitors, electronic scales, FitBit and other activity and medical monitors.

Diet Tracker

The Diet Tracker is a food journal. Over 200,000 foods, including brand names, are available via partnerships with companies like FatSecret, that have full nutrition profiles and exercise equivalencies to bring the ‘cost’ of a dessert into new focus. The tracker includes weekly and monthly reports with goals that you can customize.

Health Tracker

The Health Tracker is focused on medical information. Once synched with HealthVault, the Health Tracker feature provides a running tally of your weight, height, vaccinations, blood glucose and cholesterol numbers so you can easily keep tabs on critical data.


Exercise Tracker

Finally, the Exercise Tracker enables you to easily record and monitor your fitness progress over time.



Health & Fitness provides detailed nutritional information for over 120,000 common foods.  In addition to calorie count, you can see the exercise equivalencies for food and compare the nutrition profile of two foods.




Get Fit with Tutorials and Videos:

Looking to get in shape? We’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions and videos for over 1000 exercises and workouts. You can search or browse by body part (e.g. arms), equipment (e.g. dumbbells), duration, type and difficulty.




3D Body Maps:

3D Body Maps allow you to explore the mechanics of the human body in a visually immersive way. You can explore how the systems in the body work by panning and zooming through different systems.


Symptom Checker:

Symptom Checker is a unique and intuitive way to get information about symptoms you might be experiencing and a list of possible conditions. The guide is not intended to be medical advice but simply a reference guide.


Conditions and Treatments:

Information about select procedures used to treat conditions as well as stories and articles are available in the app. You can quickly learn more about a condition and the drugs and procedures that may be available to treat it.




Finally, the Health & Fitness app also offers medical, nutrition and fitness related articles and new content from our premium partners.


Source: Bing Blog

Download: Windows Store


  • Emmanuel Mac Donald

    I use a few different work out apps for my android and non have everything I need. I sure hope one does. I would love to switch. I am doing to give this a try.

  • Willem Evenhuis

    Whats the source of the medical information portrayed in the app?

  • ekral

    There is an advertisment in that application. And it looks really terrible, it is quite shame for Microsoft :(

    • PoohGQ

      That’s not the correct Bing app. The real thing is really good and have been looking for a link to use it on my notebook which doesn’t have Win8.1..

      • ekral

        Hi, thanks, you are right, the link is incorrect. I am looking forward for real Bing app.

  • PoohGQ

    That is not the Bing Fitness and Health app. Your link is incorrect and it’s for an app made by a company called Moralasoft, not Microsoft..!

  • Chris

    The nutrition tracker does the same thing as the nutrition system on BodyMedia… I think it even gives a better break down too. If this doesn’t allow the incorporation of devices, it’s not going to be successful. Check out for some better apps and gadgets… also some cool ones coming out soon.

  • sid

    Using this with windows surface rt with 8.1 beta, brilliant free app.

  • alienist

    Good interface but Poor functionality of app.. disappointed.

  • john

    bing health and fitness doesn’t work correctly. lots of glitches and bugs. A sorry, sorry example of a total waste of time.