Microsoft releases new Scroogle attack ad

Microsoft has continued its offensive on Google Shopping over the Christmas season. The charge centres around Google Shopping being based solely around paid placements, while Bing is based on natural search, meaning consumers can never be clear if there are not cheaper deals available which were simply not included because they did not pay the Google tax.

While the Google-friendly anti-Microsoft media have laughed off the accusation, I certainly did not know before that Google Shopping was paid ads, and would trust it a lot less than before, suggesting to me that this is an important piece of information to pass on.



  • grs_dev

    I wish Microsoft would spend more time and energy on showcasing it’s own products, their features and benefits instead of trying to poke fun at Google.
    Hey Microsoft, if you wanna make a point about google’s practices just do a quick how to style video. It would be cheaper and make more sense to virtually all users…

    • blackhawk556

      hey the I’m a PC/Mac videos poked fun at MS and they worked fine for Apple.

      • grs_dev

        the I am a PC/Mac videos were in plain english. Every person on earth who understood the english language got the point, furthermore, they talked about the Mac in the very end, they didn’t just shit on the PC. I said in my original post, the best way to beat google, is to outdo them then point out the reason why the MS option is better. Where do you see that in the scroogle campaign?

    • Dig The Noise

      Google poked fun at Microsoft’s search. It’s all good fun, eh?

      • grs_dev

        and bingiton has been a great response! I am all for intelligent, carefully thoughtout name them and shame them campaigns. I’ve personally shared the bingiton challenge with many of my google using friends…

    • Zicoz

      I think attacking Google is the best stratergy atm. People are “programmed” to use Google these days, and the only way to make them think about using an alternative is to tell them that Google is getting evil.

      • The__Truth__Hurts

        … Sorry to break it to you but both are evil or good. One isn’t good and the other isn’t evil. They are either both good or bad.

        Claiming that one is “evil” and you are “innocent” is the largest amount of B.S., especially if yourself were extremely “evil” not too long ago.

        • Zicoz

          Did I claim that one was evil and the other was good? No I was simply stating that Google is getting evil, and the reason why it’s important to note that is that they try to position themselves as a good company with the whole “don’t be evil” mantra.

          And I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather support a company that is moving from “evil to good” then one that is moving from “good to evil”

          • grs_dev

            Why is Microsoft Evil? They were a for profit company from day 1. They said software piracy is wrong from day 1. They created more money for their partners than they did for themselves. The same practices they were condemned for in the 90s are the standard for doing business in the so called “Post PC Era” whatever that is. Success in business is not evil.

            So… Why is Microsoft evil?

        • grs_dev

          I disagree. I believe Google is a hypocritical bunch who set out to screw their users, their competitors and and their friends just to get rich. Google IS evil.

      • grs_dev

        I am not disagreeing with anything you said. I am saying be straight forward, be more about how great your product is not about how your competition sucks. Someone pointed out the I’m a PC campaign that Apple ran a few years back. Perfect example.

  • Bugbog

    Brilliant as an Ad!

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    Microsoft Might want to stop with the attack ads. Apparently they are backfiring, and starting to backfire back big time.

    • Zicoz

      How so?

    • grs_dev


    • auziez

      reallllllllyyyy. Wow u are like soowwww, smarrrttt

  • c1ee

    That was pretty good, better than i thought