Microsoft Releases New Set Of Updates For Windows 8.1

Microsoft continues to support Windows 8.1 users and has released three new updates to resolve some minor issues.  I wish we would get a new build, but unfortunately we will all just have to wait until RTM in late August.

To check for updates hit win key + w, type in  “update,” click on windows update, hit check for updates.

Information on updates:

Update for Windows 8.1 Preview that enables service metadata packages to work correctly

An update is available for Windows 8.1 Preview. This updates resolves an issue that could cause the service metadata packages of some network operators not to function. For example, the tethering feature does not work as expected.

Update that improves the stability of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 Preview

An update is available for Windows 8.1 Preview that improves the stability of the SkyDrive service.

You cannot view a webpage that contains a timer in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

Consider the following scenario:

  • You have a webpage that is rendering in Internet Explorer 10 document mode or an earlier document mode.
  • The webpage contains Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) code that is associated with a timer.
  • You try to view the webpage in Internet Explorer 11 Preview.

In this scenario, Internet Explorer 11 Preview incorrectly does not start the VBScript code that is associated with the timer. Therefore, the webpage may not appear or behave as expected.

  • Yuan Taizong

    I can’t wait for the R.T.M. but the preview is interesting in itself, I just hope that they’ll include the Windows Essentials 2013 into the O.S. again.

  • leharmeerak

    I use the metro applications less and less everyday, hope Microsoft could dedicate all their time for the desktop version and improve it more… nobody uses the metro on desktop…

    • Jarrichvdv

      I use the Calendar and Mail app very often. Weather and news too.

      • leharmeerak

        The web version of outlook and the calendar is much better than win8 apps, but i use the weather app too, thats it…