Microsoft Releases New Surface 2 Commercial Targeting Schools

Microsoft yesterday released a new commercial to promote the new Surface 2 tablet among schools. The video ad shows a school teacher telling how the new Surface 2 enables students to do both work and play with a single device. I personally think Surface 2 will be lot more useful for students than an Apple iPad.

The new Surface comes with Microsoft Office, has a keyboard to do real work and great apps like Bing Smart Search and Xbox for having fun. See how the new Surface with Windows gives you one experience for everything in your life.

Watch the video above.

  • grs_dev

    Great ad! Direct and to the point. Only thing it’s missing is a price point, but considering this ad is shot in a way that could be chopped up in a way to allow a frame for pricing, that’s not all that important

    • donzebe

      Hope it doesn’t just end on the net. If it can make it’s way to the TV ads it will be great.

      • Bugbog

        Most likely it will air on tv, as it looks pre-edited already.

      • coip

        I saw it on TV 3 times last night on CBS during How I Met Your Mother and such. It’s a good ad, but they should’ve mentioned the USB and other ports and note-taking with OneNote.

    • jaylyric

      What do you mean? The price is mentioned at the end of the commercial. Are do you mean the price of something else?

  • donzebe

    IMO, I do not think the ipads will last long in schools that have adopted it. I remember the late 80’s when almost all schools have mac.

  • jimski27

    I think RT has a great future in the academic world. Every student should have one.

  • Guest

    NO NO NOOOOooooooo, haven’t we given kids enough reasons to hate school?!?!?!?

    Make them suffer with a Surface 2 and they all will drop out.

  • Guest

    Let’s hope they are not trying to teach them math:

    MSFT errors with new Ad

    • nohone

      Perfect example of how the Microsoft haters will go to any length to attack. Years ago Microsoft had a commercial with a woman named Lauren. They researched, scoured the web, and when they found her they showed up at her house, attacked her beginning acting career, and ruined her simply for appearing in a commercial. Meanwhile Apple features Justin and John in a commercial, and they become heroes to the Apple congregation. Microsoft puts out a few ads that are critical of the iPad, and the Apple faithful whine and complain how it is not fair that Microsoft would say such things, meanwhile they routinely refer to the “Get a Mac” commercials that ran for years, creating supposed problems with PCs that they themselves had but blame others for. The Apple fans whine and complain about Microsoft products that are not shipping to specific countries (as if they were to buy those products), and yet Apple, if they do not ship to a country then Apple puts out a map, and remove the country they do not ship to from that map. And now they are zooming in on photoshopped ads, and checking the math just trying to catch Microsoft in another “scandal” so they can proudly try to have something else to hold against Microsoft.

      This just shows how obsessive the Apple fanboy is, spending their day hunting, searching, just trying to find the smallest of problems with Microsoft all while ignoring the absolute failures of Apple, Google, Linux, and so on. Absolutely sad and pathetic, and no wonder “Guest” is too much of a coward to create and use an alias, who wants to be able to hide from his comments.

      • Guest

        Pot meet Kettle…

        • nohone

          The best this little coward can do – repeat the same tired old line over and over to hide his own pathetic comments.

          • Guest

            The Raven chides blackness.

  • Glen

    Too expensive for schools/students. everyone will say get the original RT but this is a commercial showcasing RT2 and its price which is not good.

  • Michael-Patrick Richter

    Great Product, great price. Perfect for school, college, university.

  • Paul Wells

    Is there a Microsoft campaign giving free Surface 2 tablets to schools?

    • Guest

      Yes, just wait until after holidays and microsoft will take another big write down on Surface and be given the away again. 8-D