Microsoft Releases New Surface Vs iPad Commercial, Mentions New Reduced Price Of Surface

Microsoft is not new to releasing ads that compares Windows touch devices with Apple iPad. We have seen no.of ads in the past and today they have released a new one. This ad compares Surface RT with Apple iPad 4th generation. It focuses on full Office, USB support, Kickstand, Touch/Type cover and low pricing of Surface against iPad.

What do you think of this new ad?


  • Scott McBurney

    clear and concise, no silliness. about time.

  • Daniel Combiths

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  • hysonmb

    This is a good one.

  • Mark Gibbs

    You know what they need to do is show that you can use your SurfaceRT for collage or schools and not use an IPad as a replacement for school. my friend bought his 2 kids SurfaceRT’s for school and they use the win8 touch machine for home and the RT’s for School and they love it.. all day battery and it has office for the school at 0 cost.
    they did replace the keyboard with the type covers though the touch did not cut it for in school.

  • rjmlive

    This should have been the first introduction of the Surface RT to the world.

    • grs_dev

      I agree. Maybe even the 30 second version of it.

      I still think they’re making a mistake by placing the iPad on the left side of the frame. I think they should place the Windows tablet on the left hand side and lead with what it can do that the ipad cannot.

      Throughout the ad you can see the first comparative phrase is a negative one such as No Keyboard or Doesn’t come with Microsoft Office. Even though the user can continue to read and see that they’re referring to the iPad and use a blue square with a vs. in it, the risk is that if they don’t read that far and associate the negative statement with the Surface and not the iPad as the ad intended.

      • Horbeme

        i agree with you on that point but most people are familiar with the Ipad. so they put it first to show them what they think they want and put the surface to show them what they think they need. even in the pc vs apple commercials the pc was to the left and apple was to the right, its like giving someone bad news first then the good news.

        • grs_dev

          Right except the “I am a PC” campaign by apple, never used on the screen text. They used the more recognizable celebrity on the left also.

          In the win8 vs ipad commercials one can argue that the ipad is the celebrity in this case…

  • Craig S.

    I like it… It gets directly to the point…

  • jaylyric

    Oh Microsoft Microsoft.. Why do you get things RIGHT so late? That’s so WRONG. This should have been among the first commercials when the device was released.. Nevertheless the less it’s a great commercial. I’m personally waiting on the Surface 2 and mini.. Please release soon. :) Side note: I’m starting to see more Windows Phones out here in the US!

  • GuyBushTreePod

    They need to sell the RT with keyboard for $499, otherwise keep the keyboard out of the comparison out of the Ad. You can get a separate keyboard for the iPad too. It’s not a big differentiator.

    • HUHMAN

      you do know they sell the RT with the keyboard for $449 right? and it is a big differentiator when your typing documents or doing spreadsheets because of office. Even typing in general is better with a keyboard

      • Tips_y

        Quite right! The new price for the RT plus the price of the keyboard compares quite well with the price of the iPad.

  • Tips_y

    Nice ad! They should have put this out at the beginning when they introduced the Surface, rather than that weird dancing ad.

  • grs_dev

    I think the negative commercials that have run were necessary not because they were selling the Surface, but they more or less brought to the forefront of everyone’s mind what is wrong or missing in the current incumbent. They created the level setting that is necessary when you have one perception dominating the public mindset. In this case, the iPad was perceived to be capable of walking on water. Not because of its features but because of the marketing hype.

    Existing Apple fanboys, new soon to be customers who are just starting to consider a tablet, and even the Microsoft base, all have been primed with those initial ads that highlighted the deficiencies of the iPad. We kind of all knew they existed but have come to accept them as par for the course.

    Now comes an ad that just illustrates how this device was built to address all those needs/missing functionality.

    Had this ad run from the start of the campaign, the audience would have dismissed it as it doesn’t stir up as much emotional reaction as the other ones that have run to date did. The Apple fanboys in typical fashion defended the iPad and countered by attacking Microsoft but not the Surface directly. The Microsoft Base was like “OK we all know this already”.

    It’s no secret that Microsoft hired a Mark Penn, a former Clinton political strategist to guide them in their marketing campaigns. This is a classic political ad campaign maneuver.

  • grs_dev

    The only thing these ads are missing is the typical, “I am Steve Ballmer and I approved this message.”


    This ad was brought to you by the Say less and do more alliance.

    I love it.

  • Duel

    This start to look very desperate, microsoft just admit people doesnt want your surface RT device, it’s a mess.

    Hint you should have left the desktop windows away from RT, its very confusing, also its total crap to use with touchscreen, everything is just too small.

    These are the things which potential customers see in stores when they test the device. Everyone who test surfare RT tablets are very confused how it works, even 99% people who test the surface are users who have used windows for their whole life.

    Also i think people are just bored with windows, when there’s finally change to get something else they want that.

    These commercials only harm microsoft and not opposite. Last q apple sold 14.6 million iPads and microsoft sold like 0,2 million surface RT tablets, i think this is very clear message, its not about marketing like people here try to say, those are only excuses about product which really was DOA.

    • nohone

      Ahh yes, the guy who is desperate to convince everyone that an optional keyboard is the failure, even though Apple sells dozens of them themselves on the same web page that they sell the iPad you promote. The guy who is desperate enough to invent numbers to show Surface is “failing.” The guy who is desperate to distract from Apple’s own numbers showing iPad numbers are dropping like a stone, while all they can sell is a lower priced version used to attract the Wal-Mart crowd. The guy who is desperate enough to tell us PCs are dead, while Macs are about to take over, even though PCs sell in one week more than Apple sells Macs in an entire quarter, and in less than one year there are 4 times more Windows 8 users than there are Mac users after 30 years of Mac availability (using Apple’s own numbers). The guy who is desperate enough to believe years of Apple ads that twisted the truth, flat out lied, and attributed their own failures to others to make themselves while scraping the bottom of the barrel of desperation just to feel better about how pathetic their own offerings are. The guy who is desperate enough to not want to believe that Apple is now being out sold by competitors in every product line that trey offer. The guy who is desperate enough to go to web sites to troll, then whine and complain about people who hate Apple and being so mean to them.
      Yes, that desperate guy is here to lecture us about how “desperate” Microsoft is to put out a truthful ad comparing how Surface is so much more useful than his precious iPad.

      • Duel

        last q 0,2 million surface RT sold, clearly keyboard is what people want…

        • nohone

          There have been no numbers released about sales of Surface, so any numbers are pure speculation. Just as how Apple put out some vague numbers as to the breakdown of the MiniPad vs iPad.
          Good to see you got your talking points to cover for Apple. Let me explain this again – a phone, that will restrict you from switching for 2 years, the current version on the market for longer than the current iPad, a new version of the iphone released before the iPad, but all that adds up. to dropping iPhone sales, and decreased iPad sales? Would love to meet the “genius” that came up with that argument.
          Apple phones – out sold by Samsung
          Apple computers – outsold by each of numerous computer manufacturers
          All Apple OSes – outsold by one OS from Microsoft
          We do not know how apple did with the iPad to compare to other tablets, because Apple did not break down their numbers of MiniPad vs MaxiPad. If you add them all together, then they do out sell all individual vendors. But then why not add together all laptop, desktop, and tablet sales from one vendor to beat Apple?

          • Duel

            Surface RT sold q2 around pathetic 200 000 its not pure speculation, IDC is very trusted source. Also microsoft told how much they made money from surface, so its very easy to count.

  • donzebe

    They should also use this add or similar for Surface 2 release

    • Duel

      Not going to change anything, you cant win customers with few features, if the product overall and ecosystem cant compete against other tablets. Apple could make samekind of ads where they show what is better with iPad, but whats the point?