Microsoft Releases New Video To Promote Internet Explorer And It’s Awesome

Microsoft today posted an interesting video to promote its Internet Explorer web browser. This ad is focused on the IE haters who generally have a bad impression on IE however good it is. The latest version of Internet Explorer 10 is one of the most standard complaint web browser and has full hardware acceleration which makes the browsing experience smooth and fast.

Enjoy the video above and download IE 10 here.


  • iecool

    lolz…i like this ad…

  • schultzycom

    That is an awesome ad!!!

  • Davey


  • Bugbog

    Hilarious! :)

    • nickcraze

      I am at work and I couldn’t controll my laughter

  • ie_lover

    IE adds are always the best!

  • Portico Lover

    Ironically they disabled the YouTube comments.

  • Gavin Tom

    wait who is that?

  • Kyle K

    You know you said it is the most standard “complaint” browser. You meant compliant, right?

  • JimmyFal

    This is great… really good.

  • Lasp24

    lol that was awesome

  • Frostie

    Look at all the dislikes on all the IE YouTube videos. They should’ve put that in the ad too!

  • freeiam


  • MrDoubleB

    I left IE after 6 or 7, switched to Firefox and never looked back… until my Windows 8 upgrade. Sure, I did install FF17, but I ended up almost always using Metro IE10. Love the full screen mode.
    I have 1 major and 2 smaller complaints though that keep me going back to FF still:
    – Bookmarks. Yes, the bookmarks on the bottom of the screen work, but I need my bookmark folders! You can’t just expect people to scroll trhough their 100 bookmarks when they wanna find something.
    – Passwords and IE settings. It’s just ridiculous that you have to go back to the desktop version to do the settings like download folder, saved passwords, etc…
    -Bing. I actually kind of like Bing, would give it a real try, but until you can sort results by date, it’s useless.