Microsoft Releases OneNote Mobile for Android

Today Microsoft Office team announced the availability of OneNote for Android  in 57 markets worldwide. OneNote Mobile provides you with an easy access to your notes on SkyDrive. The app also offers key OneNote features like checklists, image capture, table editing and support for hyperlinks.


  • Feature Summary
    • Text formatting, images, and bulleted lists
    • To-do lists with clickable checkboxes
    • Quick photo capture with your phone’s camera
    • Quick access to recent notes
    • Store and access multiple OneNote notebooks
    • Sync to your free SkyDrive account for access anywhere
    • Offline access to your notes
    • Option to sync notebooks only over a Wi-Fi connection
    • Built-in spelling checker
    • Support for external hyperlinks
    • Table editing

The app is available in both free and paid versions. Check it out here.

  • Anonymous

    Does google has windows phone version of youtube, maps, gtalk, current etc? None.
    This one very stupid moves from MS

    • Ben Chia

      cool. I think this makes it easier for users to move between phone platforms.

      • Eric Hon

        i agree

    • Alex F.

      OneNote app is for their cloud platform – it has to be available as widely as possible!

    • Guest

      Of course there are wp-versions of google-products. Even a google search app.

      • Alex F.

         ONLY a search app. Nothing else.

  • Nando Ganser

    Ok, this is for cloud services.
    it would be great is they add some more features to our WP version, I feel it lacks some features.

    • Anonymous

      Like what?  I’m trying to get more use out of OneNote.