Microsoft Releases Redesigned Bing News Section

Bing News Update


After releasing the re-designed Bing Video search experience, Microsoft today announced the updated Bing News experience. The new Bing News experience has modern layout is built for touch and, showcases top trending topics from Facebook, Twitter and Bing as well as related people from across the web.

New features: 

Adaptive design for any device: Because we should showcase the news in the format that makes sense for you regardless if you’re on a tablet, phone or PC, the new Bing News automatically adapts to fit your browser width.

Trending topics:Bing News now surfaces the latest buzz from Facebook, Twitter and Bing. Cut through the clutter from across the Web with Bing’s real-time view of the most relevant breaking trends and social conversations, available all in one place. At the top of the Bing News page, you can easily browse the latest headlines with the news carousel showcasing the latest trending topics in categories including US, world, local, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. If you search for a celebrity or politician who is making headlines, the recent news topics about that person will also be showcased in the carousel. On the right side of the page, you will see what news is trending on Facebook and Twitter based on popular “likes” and “tweets.”

Trending Now: Earlier this year, Bing announced an expansion to our Satori technology that enables Bing to provide you with answers at-a-glance for people, places and things. By harnessing Satori, Bing News is able to identify people that are associated with trending news. Now, you can see people and places that are related to the latest headlines of the day without needing to click to a new page.

Source: Bing

  • Yuan Taizong

    Bing is getting more and more competitive, I recently took another Bing Vs. Google test and Bing won 5/5, and I re-took it dozens of times with the exact result, in the past Bing was either equal or slightly lost, but now Bing has up’ed its game, Microsoft has really made Bing (M.S.N./Windows Live/Live Search) an awesome search engine, it’s better with video’s, news, has more features than Google and has more apps than Google, the only thing Google has that Bing doesn’t is upload and search with images, otherwise Bing Images is equal (and sometimes better) than Google, I really encourage these great developments, but I really hope that Bing will soon get the ”search by image” feature I miss, it’s the only reason I sinfully return to Google once every blue moon.

    Bing Weather is superior to any other weather station out there, maybe for Dutch exclusive maps, but even then I’d go for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps over the M.S.N. Weather web-app (web-page), Bing Maps will soon get 3D-mapping (back) with Windows 8.1 (Blue) and the Bing Translator (the Microsoft Translator) Vs. Google Translate is equal, they both have different languages, and Google Translate romanizes/translitterates non-Latin scripts, this is the only feature I really miss on the Bing Translator, otherwise there wouldn’t be any need for Google apps, services or features to come to Windows 8, ’cause we already have a better version of each one of ’em 😀

  • hysonmb

    I like it, but, it’s still not customizable to the level of Google News. I want to be able to adjust what news topics appear where on my home page.
    The layout has surpassed Google in my opinion but customization is king and while this is closer to pulling me in it’s still that one step away.

  • sandisto

    I’m sure the 9 countries that have Bing News will appreciate this. The rest of us will continue ignoring Bing services until the basics are in place

    • sandisto

      Sorry that was a gross underestimation, Bing News is available for 12 countries. Woopdedo. Google News has 52 editions.
      There are 50 odd MSN sites, why doesn’t MS just feed MSN news into Bing? Then they would at least have some parity in this area.