Microsoft Releases Remote Desktop App For iOS And Android Devices

Remote Desktop iOS

As expected, Microsoft has released their Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android devices. The Remote Desktop app will allow you to connect to a remote PC and your work resources from almost anywhere. It is built on top of the RemoteFX technology in Windows and the app is designed in a way to easily use your Windows device from anywhere.


•Access to remote resources through the Remote Desktop Gateway
•Rich multi-touch experience with remote desktop protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX supporting Windows gestures
•Secure connection to your data and applications with breakthrough Network Layer Authentication (NLA) technology
•Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
•High quality video and sound streaming with improved compression and bandwidth usage
•Easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations

Download it here from App Store. Download it here from Play Store.

  • Smitty

    Serious! No WP option yet? WTH MS?

  • nickcraze

    I am all for MS and they expanding their reach. But What The Fuck! Windows Phone should be priority #1.

  • Not Steve

    One of the main reasons I went with Windows Phone was because I was under the impression that it would provided the best and latest support for other Microsoft products. The fact that they’ve released this first for iOS an Android only makes my decision to switch back to iOS easier. Goodbye Windows Phone. Microsoft you screwed up BIG TIME here.

    • nohone

      Right, you are a WP user and because they released Remote Desktop for iOS/Android first you are switching to another device? Remote desktop, the app that there are dozens of first party apps for on the WP store, Windows has shipped with one since XP. But Remote Desktop from MS is not on the WP store and that makes you run away? There are apps that are on WP but iOS/Android, will you be back when you discover those apps are missing?
      Something doesn’t smell right here.

      • Jimmyz

        The only thing that doesn’t smell right is YOU

        You STINK you RABID MS FANBOI !!!!!!!!

        • nohone

          The childishness of the Apple/Google user is here for all the world to see. Your parents must be so proud of the contribution they have made to society. With every one of you that comment here, it is just more proof that this site is growing and making a impact.

          • UnspokenThought

            Please flag and move on.

      • DigTheNoise

        Would be hard to beat Topperware’s RD … used it on my HD7, now using it on my 810.

        • free

          Yeah third party RD clients are usually great. Though we are not allowed to use them at work. ThisThis microsoft RD client for my phone will make my life easier.

      • Not Steve

        The reason I’m switching back to iOS is because Microsoft has validated from this move that they provide better, first party support for iOS and Android before doing so on their own Windows Phone platform, leaving very little reason for me to stay on Windows Phone. I might switch back to Windows Phone when the apps are there, but as of today (and as of this announcement) I’m tired of using a platform that’s always last to get the apps I want. Plain and simple.

        • nohone

          I stopped using my iPad all together because it did not have the apps I use daily that I can use on my Surface. These were apps that I use to do my job, and it was not an app that had multiple replacements for it.

          • free

            I got a macbook air with Mac os & native windows partition for around the same money as a surface pro. Desktop apps suck on the pro.

          • Gareth

            Was Dell XPS 13 not a contender?

          • free

            Got the air as I can run Mac OSX & win 8 natively, side by side. This is an issue Microsoft need to look at.

          • Gareth

            True, saying that you will never, ever be able to run Mac OS X legally side by site on a Windows PC. Simply because apple do not support this. Always Hackintosh I guess…

        • nohone

          Just a little bit ago, Google announced their quarterly earnings. The Motorola division lost $250 million and that is the quarter when they released what is supposed to be their “hot” new phone. The quarter before that they lost $342 million. The quarter before that they lost $271 billion. The quarter before that, Google took a $2.35 Billion (not million, but billion with a “b”) write down because of losses from Moto. That is on top of spending $12 Billion they spent to buy Moto.
          The lessons learned from this are:
          1) People are claiming that Microsoft is a failure because of a writedown on Surface. Less than $1B, compared to the nearly $16Billion Google is out because of Moto.
          2) And more relative to this conversation – People think WP is a failure because of the number of apps sold. And yet, when Google owns their own phone with the supposed million+ apps, they cannot produce a phone people want. Microsoft is buying Nokia, a phone maker that is at about even in quarterly profits (up a little one quarter, down a little the next). But people were saying that Nokia needed to go with Android. The maker really doesn’t matter, the number of apps really don’t matter, it is how you can brainwash people into using your device.

          • free

            Wow what about a twisted view point. You didn’t mention Google grew 23% way above expectations resulting in share prices going over $1000. All this after Android hits 1billion activations.

            Then to claim Nokia somehow are roughly even when they regularly have quarterly losses of over $1billion & had a run of 6 quartets without profit is just laughable.

  • SategB

    This is the reason I have been reluctant to consider WP, Ballmer and his yes men (that is you Joe) keeps screwing over their customers putting out half baked products (Kin), being dishonest about products ( no upgrades on path on WP7) or simply ignoring their products ( this here )

    For way to many years MSFT been acting like the end customer does not matter, what matter to management was quarterly number.

    It is time for new management to once again focus on the customer first or soon even us supports will walk away too!

    • Gareth

      To be fair, understand frustration with WP7 but some of the hardware was too specific or poor on those handsets. I hope that now they have Nokia under the belt we will see some improvement to this.

  • Craig Osborne

    I absolutely understand MS releasing apps for the competition (they are a software company after all) but to not release one for your own mobile platform is absolutely mind boggling. Do MS even want WP to succeed? Why would people consider WP when MS will just release their own products to others and not their own? This isn’t one of those apps that everyone needs but it speaks volumes to MS’s own commitment and issues that need to be addressed.

    • UnspokenThought

      Legitimate concern, but why not try and go to the source and find out if your perspective on their commitment is true or if their is another reason for not having RDP on WP yet.

  • Jimmyz


    • nohone


      • UnspokenThought

        Flag and move on please.

  • Stortromma


  • Emily the Strange

    for the ignorant people comenting on here and complaiing…

    this is aimed to TABLETS mostly… why would you want to control your.. and I quote from Microsoft “enterprise cloud solutions” with a phone?
    but you know what happens? android and iOS run on their phones and tablets, while WP8 is not the same OS than windows RT/8.
    understand now? understand why Microsoft released it for iOS and Android but not WP?
    also, there are alternatives like teamviewer and a lot of optiones for wp8 and even wp7. I don’t know why people complain so much about it, its not like the only remote app available its this Microsoft remote app.
    so many idiots and trolls in this comment section anyway, but for the complainers who use WP8, that’s the reason iOS and android have the remote app. when WP and Windows RT OS merge, im sure you will get the same app. but again, its not hard to install team viewer and other alternatives that sometimes work better than RDP, because you know… having a computer locked while you remote to it, its sometimes not the best solution.

    • free

      This is just not true. I & many others use remote desktop on phones all the time. The reason being its the only device I have available, in my procession at all times. Ni need to go home or pop over to work. If it was designed as a tablet app on android or iOS it would not look like a mobile app. It also would not be available on an android mobile or iPhone as both stores can be configured to make it unavailable on mobiles.

  • sizzlefinger

    I used the Microsoft RDP client on windows mobile 5 and 6 (old school). It worked very well and I used it dozens of times to resolve server problems while at lunch, at the movies (not in the theater), the plane, etc. It was a lifesaver. I was sad to see that MS does not have a native solution for WP, but many have stepped up to bat and provide a paid version of their own. I am fine with that, but I would expect Microsoft to at least hit the WP platform before a competing OS. What irks me is that they already had it working on mobile 5/6, and then it was taken away. I think that wigging out over this is over reacting, but I understand the frustration. Alas, MS will do us right at some point. For those of us that hang in there and keep on keeping on with MS, it will be rewarding in both the job and the pocket book.

  • Emiliano Magliocca

    When MS will make RDP easier? connect by microsoft account instead of IP will be much better (something like teamviewer)

  • JItesh Ghushe

    Americans are so impatient, if MS dont release apps for WP, they want to change platform. Hahaha Americans are so Impatient.

  • Gareth

    Just for all that want to know, Microsoft is launching this for Windows Phone…. just have to be patient like a lot of things with Windows Phone. I hope they start to get feature parity with other platforms in 2014!