Microsoft Releases Several Updates For Windows RT And Office 2013 RT

Microsoft today released several updates for Windows RT, Office 2013 and Internet Explorer for Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms. As you can see in the above image, there were two updates for Microsoft Office 2013 RT, security updates for both Windows RT and Internet Explorer and updates for Windows RT OS. All these updates are available for Windows 8 devices also.

Check for updates from your Windows RT device and enjoy the improved software experience.

  • himura_kenshin

    Don’t forget to check Windows Update in the Control Panel. There’s an update there for Windows RT that isn’t included in the massive update dump pictured above. It’s “Update for Windows RT (KB2771431)”.

    • tropolite

      There’s two places to perform a Windows Update now… What’s the purpose of this?
      I would’ve expected the Windows Update to be a mirror of the Windows Update under the PC Settings within the Charms.
      Anyone else find this a little confusing?

  • surilamin

    So MS_Nerd was full of shit. Surprise, surprise.

    • blackhawk556

      Why is he full of $hit? He said we would get updates Today. Plus, we really dint know how important these updates will be under the hood.

      • Wizzle

        This just seems like the Kindle Fire all over again, we’ll keep getting minor updates and within six months the Surface will run well and then the Surface 2 will come out and we’ll get the shaft.

        • Bugbog

          You get what you pay for. Waiting for tomorrow is a suckers game. If you had intimation, all well and good, otherwise enjoy what you’ve got, and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

      • surilamin

        It’s patch Tuesday, we always get updates on Patch Tuesday. He said there would be something significant or important, there was not.

  • blackhawk556

    I seriously hope this brings performance boosts.

  • mane3215

    So much for hoping the mail app was updated =(.

    • Bugbog

      At least we got a Yahoo RT app!

  • wizzle

    There was another update the evening, at least when I checked through windows update on control panel. Called hardware update…

  • Debamit Dutta

    Jus did the updates on my surface RT and after 10 mins of initial testing here is what I have found .

    1) when exiting from a games like (hydro thunder) and the scrolling of the start page is smoother now .. used to shutter a bit before .

    2) IE metro has seen the biggest performance gains . no lag time between opening and closing new tabs also youtube video in fullscreen work fine now .. was a bit buggy before on both metro and desktop versions of IE.

    3) App switching animation is much smoother now.

  • Martin Batchelor

    Best update I can see is that Solitaire Collection is now compatible on ARM