Microsoft Releases Skype 5.1 Update For iPhone With New Features

Skype iOS App

Hot on the heels of releasing a major update for Skype for iPhone app, Microsoft today released an update in App Store. Skype 5.1 for iPhone is the result of Skype team listening to user feedback and immediately addressing those comments.

Skype 5.1 for iPhone introduces some of the features you wanted most:

  • You can now delete a conversation from the recent list with a long press on recents. You can also edit messages you’ve recently sent with a long press on the message. (Just as you can long press on an individual message to delete it.)
  • Tap the “add favorites” link to easily fill your favorites screen with the people you contact the most.
  • The People list now matches the desktop better: we have added the “Skype” filter; the “online” filter now includes users set to online, away and do not disturb; and best of all your filter settings are saved.

Download the update on your iOS device from App Store.

  • Lucas Nobre Silveira

    While this, in the Windows ecosystem apps…

  • Vincent Haakmat

    When are they going to listen to us Windows Phone users? I’m all for this integration thing, but giving VIP treatment to the iOS platform, while we diehard WP fan keep getting the cold shoulder from the Skype team is getting rediculously long in the tooth

    • Thomas Dahl

      Do not worry dear WP users… This remake of the iPhone app is the worst app now. Feature stripped and slow.. Simply unusable now in iOS. You guys have not been picked upon.. We simply joined you.

  • Asgard

    I understand MS doing cross platform and being high quality provider where the users actually are, it is still ridiculous to make many releases to competing platform before WP gets anything. Or W8…

  • Kickstar

    The Skype update for WP 8.1 better be bloody good, because for years now it’s been rubbish.

  • Chakri

    Looks like Microsoft is ignoring WP users and concentrating more on iOS. There was major UI changes to iOS version 10 days back and last WP version was released on April 16th. This is one of the worst strategy by Microsoft.

  • Jeff Daly

    Any new feature or update by Microsoft’s Skype, should always debut on Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Windows.

  • DaiaX

    Good job Skype team. Meanwhile in WP land ..

  • VISU

    I think that it is due the the fact that the new Modern Wp8 WIn8 sdk is not as powerful as on Android/IOS which is why we don’t have as compelling/full featured apps on the MS platform. Even MS is creating better and more feature rich apps on competing platform.

    I will wait till this year end… If I don’t see any change in MS strategy… I might jump ship..

  • Rakesh Prajapat

    Nice Article, I think Skype 5.1 for iPhone is the result of Skype team.