Microsoft Releases Skype 6.18 Update For Windows Desktop

Microsoft today released an update for Skype for Windows Desktop. This Skype 6.18 for Windows Desktop release includes lots of bug fixes and improvements. Find the change log below.

Fixed bugs:

– Import contacts from Facebook showing empty for some users

– Further sign in screen improvements to prevent empty

– Messages showing wrong timestamp

– There was a confusing message about group video being enabled because a participant has Skype Premium. We removed this as group video calls are free for everyone for a while now.

– More stability improvements based on the feedback and reports from you here on the Community

You can download latest Skype from


  • nikoglo

    It still works much better than the Store version.

  • mutasem

    I agree

  • Ann-Louise Winter

    I’ve found that the Modern and desktop versions don’t sync with one another. It’s very frustrating.

  • Christian

    im actually more interested in being able to sign in to modern skype using skype name rather than just a microsoft account.. merging 2 accounts does NOT work for me (many others don’t too) no option to link accounts, and the screen i am supposed to be according to the instructions never appeared.

    i’ve been pissed of with skype ever since they stopped support for wp7.

  • koenshaku

    I’m surprised this didn’t hit mac first..

  • falconaire

    .they forgot to mention the additional garbage features.

  • Muktesh

    EMET 5 and skype 6.18 seem to have issues. Skype crashes if EMET 5 is installed. (Turning off EAF doesn’t help either).