Microsoft Releases Two New Promotional Videos For Xbox: Immersive Gaming And Said it Best

Microsoft today released two new promotional videos for Xbox One. The first one focuses on the immersive gaming experience with next generation titles like Ryse.

Get lost in a new generation of games. If it were any more real, it would be real. The all-in-one, Xbox One.

The second video is about media/critics praising Xbox One. For example, Forbes described Xbox One as the console of the future. Some media praised it as the most ambitious gaming console yet and one fan said that Xbox One is the best thing ever that could happen to mankind!

Xbox One is the ultimate all-in-one entertainment system. But just don’t take our word for it – see what the press and fans have to say. … Music by The Hives

Watch the video below.

  • JimmyFal

    It is a great box, but it has version 1 bugs that should be cleaned up hopefully within 6 months. When games crash, it tends to blow away all the voice settings setup you went through, and you have to periodically re-tune the Kinect. A bit much for mom and pop, but no problem for a gaming geek with plenty of tolerance for that stuff. I use my voice to do almost everything on the box. Love it.

  • Ruufus

    My first foray into Xbox/PlayStation territory (from Wii) I was pleasingly surprised how well a first time item did with minimal issues. The first ad is “me to the tee”. I step into Ryse, shed the work day, and feel the blade of my opponent and retaliate in Force! These ad are spot on visceral.