Microsoft Releases Updated Bing App For iOS Devices

Bing iOS App

Microsoft today announced an updated Bing app for iOS devices. Along with the updated iOS app, Microsoft also revealed the Siri Bing search results experience. As you can see above, if Siri can’t find results for your voice search, it will bring up Bing search results.

Check out the new features for Bing iOS app below:

Homepage Tiles: We’re adding four new tiles to our homepage to help people accomplish everyday tasks, including the ability to check trending news and images from Bing Trends, find nearby local businesses on a map, and check the weather.

Saving and Sharing: The new share button includes an updated design that makes it easy for people share their favorite images via Facebook and Twitter and save a screenshot of the full search results page, homepage image or image from Bing Image search.

New Menu: The new menu gives people more options. Browse saved images, screenshots and bookmarks and sign-in with a Microsoft account to sync them to Skydrive or your iPad app. Click ‘More Microsoft apps’ to explore additional options in the iOS store including Office Mobile, Skydrive, OneNote and more.

Source: Bing

  • oliva92

    I know people are going to start throwing knifes in this post because of the support for a competitors OS.
    BUT lets just make some sense of this. All of iOS’s search query’s are now being powered by Bing :) we all know the big market share Apple has, this can only be good news for the Bing team, all the metadata they will surely collect, Bing will onloy get better in the next year.
    So lets just sit back and enjoy the new algorithms and expanded search information we will see in the coming years.
    -And for that we thank you, iFruits.

    • Yuan Taizong

      Exactly, Bing needs the metadata, and this will surely help Cortana *devlish laughter*, this might also convince many users that Bing isn’t half as bad as the media have them believe, I use Bing every day and it improves and improves, Google has been stagnating for years, it’s only in the shadow of Bing’s rapid upgrades, Bing has many more features than Google, and there are only 2 features I miss, but they’re mostly gimmicks over productive features (upload-an-image-and-search and voice search, we can expect the latter, and I have no idea why Microsoft hasn’t implemented the previous as they’ve been innovating on this years before Google.).

  • nohone

    Microsoft writes their code to conform to the UI guidelines of the OS the app will run on (even though iOS7 is complete junk).
    Apple does whatever they want, and ignore the UI guidelines of the OS the app will run on telling the user that they will take what they get and they will like it or else.

    • Gman

      On the contrary, Photosynth for iOS was always Metro.

      • nohone

        Being that iOS7 is metro, Microsoft was iOS UI guidelines compatible before even Apple was. The only thing Microsoft is missing is a horrid color palette.

        • Yuan Taizong

          Personally I’ve always loved the iconograpy of Windows over the extremely simple Apple interfaces, and when Microsoft made a simple U.I. it actually looked quite good, Apple copied Microsoft and ruined it again, this is why I’ll never return to a Mac, all my Macs were really bad, I went back to Windows XP in less than 2 years, now on Windows 8 there’s a beautiful U.I. and I may have never owned an iPhone, but I’ve tried many, and they’re overrated.

          • nohone

            People claim that Metro looks like Win2 or they post up some old AOL UI. The thing is, the colors Apple is using makes their UI look even more like Win2/AOL than Win8 ever was (except for the font – those Win2 did not have TTF). Pink on white, very very light gray on white, RGB(0,255,0) for the background of on/off switches, and so on?

            Add in all the crashes I have had (3 times in the music player already today), a disfunctional UI (, security bugs already (every single release has a bug that allows you to get around the lock screen), iOS7 is turning into a joke, while their desktop OS has been there for years.

          • Bugbog

            Never, ever, ever could get over that tiny 3.5″ screens! Never!!

  • Yuan Taizong

    Well, as long as it gets more users for Bing.

  • Mark Matheson

    I am this close to giving up on WP. When I look at the evolution on iOS and Android and compare to what WP is missing and seem in no hurry to rectify, it is very frustrating. Not forgetting that MS make better versions of their own apps on non WP platforms. Makes it hard to stay loyal.

    • Bugbog

      It may be irritating/annoying/infuriating! But it doesn’t make me want to switch.

  • Omen1337

    It’s kind of sad that you can get Bing maps imagery on iOS, Android and just about every other platform, but on Windows Phone we’re limited to Nokia’s imagery. Nokia’s data is horrid in my area but Bing’s imagery is wonderful, despite this I can’t even get Microsoft’s mapping data on their own mobile platform. What is up with that?

  • Yuan Taizong

    Bing + Siri is just part of Apple’s larger war against Google, and unfortunately for Microsoft, they’re not winning, just like Apple integrates Vimeo in O.S. X’s sharing options, I’m a member of both Vimeo and Google’s YouTube, and there’s a reason I have a 100+ video’s on YouTube and 0 on Vimeo, because YouTube is way better, Google usually doesn’t have services Microsoft doesn’t have a better option for, but if you compare YouTube to Xbox Video’s, there’s a clear winner. With Bing on the other hand there’s a major difference with Vimeo (¿who has ever heard of Vimeo anyway?), Bing has marketshare, and it’s growing.