Microsoft Releases Updated OneNote App For iPad, Now Redesigned For iOS 7

Microsoft OneNote for iPad

Hot on the heels of releasing Office for iPad suite comprising of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Microsoft has quietly updated the OneNote for iPad app. This app now features redesigned UI for iOS 7 and other several improvements. Photos of whiteboards and documents are now auto-cropped and enhanced.

What’s New in Version 2.2:

•Beautifully redesigned for iOS 7
•Photos of whiteboards and documents are now auto-cropped and enhanced
•Bug fixes

Key Features:
• Sync your notebooks across computers and devices
• Your notes look the same on all your devices including formatting and ink notes from pen enabled devices.
• Bold, italicize, underline, highlight, increase indent, decrease indent – format notes the way you want
• Search your notes and files for anything you’ve captured by just typing a keyword or phrase. Sync your work notes stored on SharePoint or on Office 365 with your iPad.

Here are some more ideas on how to use OneNote:
• Capture rich notes for classwork, meetings, or research
• Take a picture of the whiteboard and never miss a lecture topic
• Keep track of your shopping list and check items off wherever you are
• Create an itinerary and keep track of your travel plans for your next big vacation
• Take pictures of receipts and bills to remove some of the paper clutter
• Collaborate and share ideas with your team
• Research items and prices to make the best purchasing decision
• Keep and edit all of your notes – whether taken from OneNote on desktop, tablet, phone, or browser

Harness the full potential of you – with OneNote.

Download it here from AppStore for free.

  • joexxp

    Pity Microsoft did not pay more attention to getting their own modern apps for Office on their own tablets.

    • flobo

      WinRT OneNote has been available in the Windows Store for a long time now.

      • Nham Thien Duong

        Yes, but it’s utter rubbish. (>_<)

  • FateStayNight

    I’m sure theverge and recode would find a “but” there somewhere or find a way to put a negative spin on it.

    • Nham Thien Duong

      Of-course, the tech media hates Microsoft, and everything Microsoft does is ALWAYS ”too little and too late”, or when they come with something new and innovative (SmartWatches, SmartBra’s, and even SmartPhones) they’ll say ”it’s a niche market that no-one would ever be interested in”. :- (>_<)

      • XBoxerOne

        But to their defense when Microsoft has done Smart Watch, Smartphone, Smart Bra the have be niche markets according to sales numbers :(

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Now please make the Windows Store application/client at-least ½ this functional, mine crashes at ”retrieving your notes” every time I start it up, I once waited 12 hours for it, there’s a reason that I prefer using the desktop applications/programmes of both Microsoft OneNote 2013 and Microsoft Office OneNote 2010. :-