Microsoft Releases Updates For Surface Devices, Surface 2 Update Improves Battery Life And Performance

Microsoft today released firmware updates for Surface devices which includes Surface, Surface 2 and Surface Pro. Surface 2 received the most significant update which includes lots of improvements across the system like wireless performance, system performances, audio performance, battery life improvements, etc.

Surface 2:

•Performance improvements for all Type Cover and Touch Cover versions.
•Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver updates to improve wireless display performance.
•Camera improvements.
•Audio improvements including switching to speaker playback after disconnecting a headset.
•System performance and stability improvements.
•Battery life improvements.

Surface Pro:

Windows 8.0
•Update to allow the use of Japanese Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2.

Windows 8.1
•Update to the LifeCam driver to increase TrueColor fidelity.
•Update to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers to enable improved wireless display performance and to further enhance Wi-Fi network performance and stability.

Surface RT:

  • Update to allow the use of Japanese Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2.


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    The support that Microsoft shows here is exemplary :)

    • Michael-Patrick Richter